Wednesday, December 16, 2009

How do I get the undead slayer badge? (and bookworm badge?)

Got another question here from Liam:
Yo it's Liam FireCrafter again. I have a big question: do you know the order to the undead badges? I have up to: undead stalker, undead hunter, then undead conquerer. There looks like there could be more.

Well here's the undead badges I've got:

That last one I'm missing there is the undead slayer badge. It's painful to grind. I've talked about that one before, and I still believe that badges should mean more. Also, I want to remind everyone that, although it's missing the new badges, I think warcry is one of the best places to look on badge information . . . I love how sortable and easy it is. But, because the community is so large and willing to help, the most complete information would be found by pouring through all the multiple pages of this thread on badges at Central.

Without the interference of newbies, I can grind about 3 undead a minute on Unicorn Way. Doing the math . . .

I see that if I had the constitution to do so . . . I could probably finish up that badge in around 3 hours of play time. MAN THAT'S A BORING 3 HOURS OF PLAYTIME!

Looking for the best place to farm undead outside of unicorn way, I definitely have a slower kill rate in the Djeserit Family Tomb, but this spot looks like it would be perfect right here:

The problem with this spot is that the mobs just move so slowly that you end up waiting for them to join the battle. If I could get 3 at a time quickly here, then I could finish the fight in one round with Kyle's tempest out of the gate. One thing about that spot though, the loot is much better than unicorn way. hehe. I was scoring a lot of treasure cards and triple loot here at first for some reason and then the loot died down. /shrug

Gah, where's the carrot? Having "undead slayer" under my name just doesn't seem worth it, does it?

OH and since we're talking badges . . . I have another question from yesterday's post:
How do you get the badge bookworm? I have it but I don't know how I got it.

Yup, AFAIK two new badges went into the game with the latest patch . . . Bookworm and Krokosphinx Delver.

The rumor on Bookworm is that it had to be something involving zeke's book quests; however, a recent report was that it had to do with talking to the librarians of the spiral. It's a little new, so people are still figuring it out.

Happy Dueling!


Heather said...

Hi! i've had the krokosphinx Delver badge ever since i finished the krokosphinx idk how i got it it was just there!

-Heather ThunderGem

Kestrel Shadowthistle said...

Three badges were added actually. Tomb Raider (complete all quests in tomb of storms), Krokosphinx Delver, and Bookworm.

Sierra Starsong said...

If you need a change of scenery there's plenty of undead roaming Newgate Prison in Marleybone, and the Ancient Burial Grounds in Mooshu.

witchwarrior said...

I have the undead slayer badge!

Isaiah Spelldust said...

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~Isaiah Spelldust

p.s. Hmm, now I know what to go badge hunting for next ;)

Jessica said...

Hmm, just logged on and it looks like I have the bookworm badge.

You have to check with the dude in the wizard city library, standing next to the book elevator. (Not the dog!)You get this when you're about level 15, and it's actually quite hard. I teamed up with a couple of buddies, and we beat the main bosses in each street. Alicane Swiftarrow, Harvest Lord, etc.

Anonymous said...

Ok, Krokosphinx Delver was NOT added. It has been there for a LONG time.