Monday, December 14, 2009

Question mania!

The questions are rolling in with lightning speed! I've got 8 that need answering today:

1- Yo, I got 2 questions. By the way, I am Liam FireCrafter. How do you get the "Master of Death" badge? What is the best farming boss for a level 35 Death student?

Nice to meet you Liam. 1-You learn all of your death spells. ALL of them, including the odd hidden ones from around the spiral and your level 48 spell. 2- I'd say Oyotomi at this point would be your best bet . . . bring your prism spell!

2- Luke Goldflame asks, "I read in one of your newest answered questions about someone having just enough crowns in the real realm to get a new house. They also want a reasonable size inside and out. I want one like that except i want to have one that i wont get bored with too easily. Can you give me a suggestion?"

Hmmm, I don't know what your tastes are, but I have to tell you that the storm house is pretty awesome and it's on sale right now. That'd save you a few crowns for sure. I guarantee you're going to see more storm houses around right now just because of the sale though.

3- Hiya blog bud.
First, before i ask my Q, i have an announcement: I HAVE OPEN CHAT NOW!! YAY!
Ok here's my question:
I just noticed in the test realm, something was up with my hat.
The flower that was on it... is GONE!!
That flower was pretty!
Why did they remove it? WHY? WHY?! T.T

Gratz on the open chat! It was fun saying odd stuff to you last night and knowing that you could see it! woot! odd stuff! I am so sorry your flower is going bye. But I think I can hear all the young male level 10-15 death students cheering in the distance as they bid farewell to the girly flower that was adorning their Helms of Agitation. /comfort For reference, check out my hat on this video. I even talked about someone making fun of my hat on this thread. LOL

4- Mike asks, "Hey friendly! It's mike. Well cristmas is coming up, and so is the end of my subscription. I will resubscribe, but idk when, I might be after christmas, witch means that my subscription will expire, will I lose my wizard? Or does it save my wizard untill I resubscribe, or does it just not let me into the other worlds anymore. This is really important, cuse if I lose my acount, along with my wizard, then the holadays won't be so jolly anymore."

hehe. Nah, no worries Mike. If your subscription expires your wizards will still be there. What you describe is what a lot of players do, play until their subscription runs out, then wait until the next allowance/birthday/Christmas pay day. You'll still have access to the free zones in Wizard City with all your wizards. You won't lose your account. The holidays will still be jolly!

5- Ryan WinterBreeze asks, "hey friendly i bought a house last night at three am and when i went to equip it it was not on my list i bought with gold to and it all so waisted my gold so i was wondering if you could ask them why i got ripped off or what maybe i could get my money back or so on."

Egads. What you need to do is submit a ticket and get your account rolled back to a time before you bought your house. I have some instructions on submitting a help ticket here.

6- Hi Friendly, I wanted to ask a question. I all of a sudden was banned on central, and this was all I got on the message: You have been banned for the following reason:
No reason was specified. Huh? Banned for no reason? So I was wondering if you had the time, if you could ask Olivia or Jester why Deidara98 was fizzled, I would really appreciate it. Thank you!

I don't usually make it a practice to bug Jester and Olivia about stuff like this. Usually you get banned because of not following the long list of rules (as I'm sure you know . . . after 700+ posts on central.) I'll get back to you if they let me know anything. Don't get your hopes up. And I won't bug Jester and Olivia about this stuff for everybody, not because I don't care, but just because I fear I would be flooded with requests. In the meantime, you should go post on Ravenwood Radio's new forums . . . they are young and in need of some solid discussion.

7- anon asks, "do you know when the black panther is gonna go live? ?o.o? "

No idea. Love that mount, but seriously, I have no idea. I'm still bummed the permanent blue dragon mount didn't go live yet.

8- The Helpful Sorcerer asks, "Hey friendly necromancer I need yur help. Help me find a friend I met on the test realm. Sine it's offline I don't know where she is. Her name is Abigal Dragonheart. If you find her tell her to email me at this adress: (removed)"


Hope that helps. Send me an e-mail abigail, and I shall reconnect you with the helpful sorcerer. He misses you. Can't a sorcerer catch a break?

. . . .

Well, I'm spent. How about you guys?

Happy Dueling! (and I was never heard from ever again, the end.)


Kestrel Shadowthistle said...

Hey friendly, have you noticed that they changed the cursor and they also changed it when you're in battle. It's ok, I guess, but I was used to the old one.

Sierra Starsong said...

Cassandra - There are plenty of clothes that look different depending on whether a boy or a girl's wearing it, you'd think they could just take that flower off the guys' version and leave it on the girls'!

Ryan - Besides turning in a bug ticket, when you go to re-buy that house, check to make sure you've got room in your backpack and that you don't already have three houses. (Is it possible if your backpack was full that the house is hiding in your Bank somewhere?)

Friendly - Sounds like you could use a break! Here, curl up on the sofa next to the fireplace, I'll get you a cozy blanket and a mug of hot chocolate.

witchwarrior said...

RIP Flower on my hat

Ryan Winterstone said...

Ryan just so you know, there is a new post on their website under ravenwood news about your question. Must be a popular question!

Isaiah Spelldust said...

Oh no! We might need Sherlock Bones on this case right away!

Kestrel Shadowthistle said...

Oh! Oh!
(Sticks hand up in the air and jumps around)
I have a question friendly!
How do you get the badge bookworm? I have it but I don't know how I got it.

stingite said...

@Deidara98: Jester's response was that he would like you to contact them directly:

stingite said...

This is an important little note here: Check your Backpack Before you Buy!

Young Wizards, if you purchase an item and your backpack is full, it will appear in your Bank.

If you purchase Castles & Lands, and your backpack is full, it cannot be stored in your Bank, and you will not receive the item. Please check your backpack space before you make a purchase!!

Anonymous said...

hey friendly i found your website and its awesome but about the master of death badge is it the same for all schools? cause i have a grandmaster storm and got master of storm badge at lvl 42 is that a glitch or was it like that?

Flash33 said...

Hey friendly, I've been reading your site and I like it. I have a question (or questions) to ask you.

1. In your opinion, which of the Mannequins is easier to craft? (at first I said it was the male, since the female requires more rare reagents, but friend said the female is easier sine the male requires springs).
2. (more of a pride question or something) I am a grandmaster Fire/Storm (ice to tower) wizard, and I have soloed the Secure House when I had the quest for it. idk about you (since your main wizard is death), but I'd say that that's a big accomplishment since the tower contains a bunch of fire enemies. So in your opinion (NOTE: I'm only asking for your opinion on these questions), is it a big accomplishment (i beleive i used only one grand myth henchman on the final floor).

Finally, (sry to ask 3 questions), I've noticed that the both the dye shop shopkeeper and the Gauntlet of Woe wizard have the same last name (Darla Whipserwind-Daren Whisperwind). Do you think that they could be related or something like that?

Thank you for your time.
Seth ShadowCloud (flash33)