Monday, December 7, 2009

Does Plus Damage Balance Gear Affect Spectral Blast Damage?

Great numbers question from John DreamWalker:
i have started a balance wizard and am up to lvl 31 at this point. while playing i got to wondering, do the balance spells that actually use fire, ice, or storm magics still get the boost from my balance gear that provides additional damage to balance. i know that i could just case the spells on any low lvl monster and then remove the gear and do it again but was just curious about it.

Well since I had no idea, I did exactly as you proposed.

I had my wife's balance character equip a piece of +damage balance gear.

Awesome looking feather mask look for her character btw . . .

And then I got into a fight, cast it, and spectral blast chose to do fire damage. Here's the hit:

462 . . . here's the card:

Yup, that's more . . . well, let's go to Excel and check the math:

Yup, balance gear does affect spectral blast damage.

SO, when spectral blast leaves your hands it's balance damage and when spectral blast hits your target it changes into elemental damage. Cool cool. Good to know.

Thanks for the question!

Happy Dueling!


alex deathshade said...

does balance boost hydra too?

Sierra Starsong said...

Would an Elemental Blade or Elemental Trap get used by Spectral Blast or Hydra? What happens if a Spectral Blast hits an appropriate Prism? (My next wizard's studying Balance.)

John DreamWalker said...

thanks for the answer Friendly.

Sierra, i do know that with elemental blades and traps that spectral blast and hydra will use the appropriate blade or blades in hydra's case. as for the prism, i would have to assome that would work as well but another wizard woud have to cast it since balance is not provided a prism of our own, yet (hopefully when Celestia becomes reality as friendly states in a recent blog.)

Anonymous said...

It seems like whenever students get a chance, they never use the damage calculator. LOL!

SorionHex said...

Sierra, yep when you use Hydra or Spectral blast it uses up the Elemental Blade and Elemental Trap. And if it hits a prism it's just like it would be normally with any spell of that kind.

stingite said...

I love when y'all answer each other's additional questions!

I have such awesome readers.

/big hug

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