Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Giant Cats attack!

There is a rumor that if you unlock both the Cat Herder and Blood of the Giants badges that you will open a doorway in Marleybone's Reagent Square where you are attacked by a giant kitten boss.

So I decided this morning to unlock this mystery.

I found the best spot for farming giants was right here:

This spot is great. With the Thomas and Kyle combo, I can line 'em up and knock 'em down in one or two rounds, three at a time.

My blood of the giants badge was earned EASILY this morning.

They just made me hungry for more.

Cats were next:

Knight's court near the entrance was perfect for farming these guys, and yes . . . once again, they fell before the mighty thomas and kyle combo:

Badge earned!

All that was left was to go herd up this Blood of the Giants Cat . . . /gulp

And I was never heard of ever again . . .

The end.


alex deathshade said...

never trust anyone is a rule to live by so if they dont have any evidence they are not telling about something real.

Stormzilla said...

Really man? i bet that is just you'r poor little kitten (sad music for kitten) AND BTW WHY THE HECK WOULD THEY AT KINGSILE MAKE A STUPID GIANT KITTEN BOSS

Jessica said...

My friends made up some kind of boss thing too, "If you have imp fizzle 3 times, go to.... and you'll ...." Yeah, had imp fizzle 70 times, and still didn't work.

Love the giant kitty picture!

Happyface said...

I just wanted to comment here while I still remember. Hilarious post, btw! :D I'm a new fan and just recently started reading your blog.

So, I thought I saw your wife on the test realm last night. I was all, omg! That's the wife of this blogger I've been reading! How cool is that?! It's like meeting a celebrity or something. Then I realized the name was Bailey ___storm or something, and I looked back on here. Alas, it is not teh Bailey wife as the last name is Skystaff. Oh well, I had fun looking at the new housies!

witchwarrior said...

i need the final cat badge too!

Isaiah Spelldust said...

Wow! Hey everyone! I have to say I am terribly sorry for the long break, but I am up and running and ready to change the world of Wizard 101 once more! But the problem is, I think I might change my blog.... but to what? I need your guys' feedback! Until next time! Hey Friendly!

~Isaiah Spelldust

Taji34 said...

is the giant cat boss rumor true?

Anonymous said...

This rumor is not real.... you just make it up for this post. good one friendly ^.^

Chrales Raven said...

I'll test it though to see if it really exists.

wizard101riders said...

XD nice job friendly, when i first read it " hmm strange secret new boss" then i found out it was your cat....its your cat right?

M.W.S said...

Funny lol. Espically the cat swallowing you up no wiz is a match for that.


Iridian said...

Maybe if you get the Meow Master badge... JK just kidding

Alia Lotuspetal said...



robert dawnbrand said...

Woah huge cat. Hmm must be a large liter box.

Hey everyone type in the search box journeyofawizard (don't hit the spce bar between those words).

Anonymous said...

Never heard of again? I do NOT like the sound of that!! Hey Kyle, go save your dad from the Giant kitty boss!!! Storm Rules!!!

stingite said...

Those who understood I was just making a joke while telling you I earned a couple badges . . . congrats on getting the joke!

No, there is no giant kitty boss . . . no it's not my kitten . . . although if it was my kitten I would name him "fizzles," and hug and love him forever until my eyes swoll shut. (since I'm allergic to cats and all)

cody sky rider said...

lol this post awesome it hallarius
[ sry if i didnt spell it right lol]

I am cody skyrider duncan starthief or cody shadow staff check out my blogs!

cody skyriders wizard101 secrets

cody sky rider said...

btw we should meet up i play in banshee realm

my guys names are

Cody skyrider
Cody shadowstaff
Duncan starthief

Isaiah Spelldust said...

Hey Cody! Remember me? I am blogging again finally! LOL, stop by sometime!

The Crazy Lady (Amber R) said...

I actually tried this. D:

[Yup, I'm stalking your photos from 2, 3 years back. ]