Wednesday, December 23, 2009

How do I get the silent night cap?

The magificent Amber Stargem has this question for us today!
Dear Friendly,

I was wandering around wizard city, (this just showws how bored I was) and I saw a girl wearing like the santa hat for girls, with stars on it called the silent night cap. I wanted to ask her where she got it but she didnt have text chat. It was a crowns item and I already checked the crown shop and Felix Davidad. Do you know where to get it?

Thanks and Merry Christmas,

-Amber StarGem
Myth Master
Crazy Physco

Thanks and Merry Christmas to you (my favorite crazy psycho . . . or physco if you like . . . sounds a bit like an athletics store to me though. ;))

Ok, yes, there is a new cap in game. You're right. HOWEVER, it's only available to new accounts (great time to set up a second account for yourself).

I decided to try this out for myself just to verify how it works. What you do is this:

1- Sign up a new account and make sure you check the box that says "receive free gift" when you sign up.

2- Wait for your e-mail from the fine folks at Kingsisle, namely, Merle Ambrose. Your e-mail will have a link to activate your free gift, so click it.

3- Log in to the website with your new account name and password.

4- Log in to the game with your new account.

5- Claim your gift.

6- Show off your new Amber Stargem Character and her cool hat!

It is tradeable through the shared bank, but you can't auction it. Gratz to the new people of Wizard101!

Happy Dueling!


My2Cents said...

Hey Friendly,
I'm quite an avid reader of Wizard 101 blogs, and I recently started writing my own. My blog, My 2 cents, over the past three months, has only reached about 950 views. I was wondering if you could post my blog in your blog roll, if that is not too much to ask. Merry Christmas!

stingite said...

Done deal! Welcome to the bloggers club!

Silvershade said...

Hi Friendly! To add to My2Cents's comment, I just started a Wizard101blog as well. It's called 'The Silver Shade of Winter; Guide to Wizard 101'. Because I literally just started it, I have very few posts, but I think it's a good start. I read some of your blogging tips--very helpful, btw--and I hoped you would check out my blog and maybe I could join the club...? Thanks! And Happy New Year (almost)!