Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Nelson Everhart Takes On Project Monster!

Hey all,

So you know I'm a total fanboi for Nelson Everhart, the composer of the Wizard101 music, right?

I talked to Nelson today over e-mail, and he told me that he's been composing again, not only has he been working on a Christmas CD project, but more recently he's taken on music composition for a new Nintendo DS game: Project Monster.

Project Monster comes from the same people that developed Henry Hatsworth.

These same people are now working under the company name of DreamRift! If you go to their website, the main link they give is to this IGN pre-review of the currently unreleased Project Monster DS game.

Here's a quick quote from that IGN review:

"Your lead character (Ellie) discovers a magical monster by the name of Chomp, and like Hatsworth the entire game is played in tandem between classic Mega Man, Mario, and even Metroid-inspired gameplay while adding in a whole monster raising system as well. The concept was shown off in its preliminary form during the demo I played, with the ability to call in Chomp to put up defensive shields on the playfield, swoop in and attack enemies above and below Ellie with a ranged stretch attack, and even act as a trampoline for her to double jump all over the level. The more damage Chomp takes, the sooner he'll have to retreat back down to the bottom screen and take a rest. Items can be tossed down, which works into the whole monster customization system."

Nelson added a little bit about it in his e-mail to me as well:

"The game plays really well for being so early in development. The ability to train your monster and have him help you is a pretty neat mechanic. I played it with my nephew, and he kicked my butt . . ."


I'm excited to play (and more importantly hear) this game. I know a lot of Wizard101 players wish that they could train up their pets while undergoing gameplay. Could you imagine if playing mini-games in Wizard101 would also evolve your pet? Awesome.

Maybe this game will be something some of you might enjoy in the future.

Thanks for sharing, Nelson, and best of luck to DreamRift and Project Monster!

Happy Dueling!


Sierra Starsong said...

Training pets to help us in battle as mini-minions? Or as mounts? Love the idea! (Psst, Professor Greyrose, any hints if that's in development yet?)

Tesh said...

*Tesh is intrigued*

Thanks for the writeup! I will check this one out when it hits the shelves.