Wednesday, December 2, 2009

How Can I Get an Earthquake Treasure Card for Crafting?

Tyler Jadeblade has a doozy of a question:
Hey Friendly!

Have I got a question for you! I am in the need of 8 earthquake treasure cards, the bazaar hardly has them, so to get to the question do you know a boss which drops earthquake treasure cards?

Ok, I'm going to assume this is for crafting something because if it wasn't, the easiest solution is player-made earthquake cards through an applied tough card. BUT, if this *is* for crafting, then, yup, I can see your problem because the usual earthquake+tough card treasure cards DO NOT work for crafting receipes.

The only cards that do work for crafting are the ones you craft through the school trees, drop from a boss, or that you get from the Eye of Bartleby or Marvelous Minions crowns card packs.

Here's the receipe for Earthquake cards through Ivan.

The Humongofrog component is available through the library, but that minotaur card presents a problem, yeah here's the minotaur card receipe as well.

And, you'll need to track down a Master Craftsman that's a Myth wizard to make those of course . . . any takers? Well, I'm going to guess that the best place to work out a trade or make a request would be over here on Wizard101 Central in their crafting forum. I'd be careful though, you really have to watch those percentages and damage numbers when making a trade to make sure someone didn't just apply a tough card to an earthquake spell and tried to pass it off as a true crafted treasure card.

cripes, I feel for you Tyler.

To answer your question directly . . . The only boss that Wikia lists as dropping Earthquake treasure cards is the Jade Oni. But, have I ever seen that happen? Um. No. Best of luck with that. You may also want to try the Dragonspyre myth bosses that cast the earthquake spell as well.


Happy Dueling!


Cheats and Crackers said...

Susume over at Wizard101central says that she will craft earthquake cards for trading. Might wanna try her. She's a nice person.

Tyler D.S. said...

Thank you! I am doing some crafting and normally I just find my treasure cards at the bazaar, of course earthquakes are not easy to find there. I will check with Susume but for now I am just taking my myth wizard through the crafting quests. I can go a lot faster now.

Ashley Silversong said...

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L. R. Jonté said...

The Jade Oni does drop them but they are REALLY rare. I've been farming Dumbo... er, the Oni, for days now to get the Jade Oni pet. So far, no pet and only one Earthquake card.

Oh, and a lot of shoes. So many shoes...