Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Why is Wizard101 not going to accept any more fansites from blogspot?

Sorion here has a question that is going to affect many of you aspiring Wizard101 bloggers:
Heya Friendly, my blog's starting to roll into rhythm so I thought i might register it with KingsIsle, but then I found this worrying line X_X...

Fansite submissions received after 31 December 2009 cannot be hosted by free hosting sites such as blogspot.

What exactly does this mean, I'm not really planning to register until a few months... And my blog is clealy Blogspot X_x*

Well, I hate to break this to you guys, but this is true. There's been a bad seed or two running around registering blogspot addresses and submitting them to Greyrose over and over and over. There's been people who have even stolen my material as their own and submitted it to her, trying to get on the fansites page. And what this has done is that it's caused Greyrose to try and find the root of the problem (or at least a strong limb): free websites.

Y'all are wonderful bloggers for the most part in my book, and I bet you that if your site really does stand on its own and brings out the spirit of a Wizard101 fansite, then you'll be considered even though you're on a free website like blogspot or wordpress. (But don't quote me on that!)

Get well established and please know that my blogroll is there to help you all gain a little exposure.


What ya' gonna do?

Happy Dueling!


The Evil Theurgists said...

Wow, it is sad that people would be so lazy to steal other peoples content for there better self...

Sierra Starsong said...

What do I need to do to get submitted before the deadline, then?

Alia Lotuspetal said...


They never even replied. They said to send it in every 30 days, and I sent it on the 3rd. Still no reply.

Also, it IS indeed bad that people are stealing content.

Kestrel Shadowthistle said...

Just an unrelated thing, but as you will see, on the fansites and blogs page, your blog is featured. It looks really weird in the picture! Is that an old layout?

Jessica said...

I read that today, and I was wondering that too. Why?
It's terrible that people are stealing other peoples work. I can't believe someone would even do that!

Elijah Stormheart said...

Stupid noobs... what are people gonna do with them?

So much for making my own blog.

Isaiah Spelldust said...

Eh, I'm gonna buy my site in a couple weeks anyways so yeah!

SorionHex said...

Do you guys think mine's ready to submit? X_x if not then I'd like to know how much it costs to buy the site...

King of Death said...

can you add my blog to your blogsroll? it's called
~*~King of Death~*~

stingite said...

@Theurgists: :/ agreed.

@Sierra: just follow the instructions on the fansite page on

@Alia: That's a bummer. :/ keep working at it!

@Kestrel: yeah, LOL. That's an old old design. I don't know why they haven't updated it yet. /shrug

@Jessica: :/ agreed.

@Elijah: You should make one anyway.

@Isaiah: Using wix right?

@Sorion: I say you should just go for it!

@KOD: will do!

Isaiah Spelldust said...

Yeah, I'm thinking of buying the wix one, and then the blogger one. Then i'll use some XML and Artisteer on both.

~Isaiah Spelldust

dakota silverbane said...

i have a blog but i couldnt get any of the info all those other blogs get so i couldnt ask them