Saturday, December 5, 2009

Where do you get the Osisris Papyrus Pet?

I have a question here from a reader:
hi i wanna know where u can get a krok pet tht comes with a card cause i saw this person tht had 1 but i dont have text chat :( so can u plez tell me or ask anyone if they know ty

I know the pet you are talking about. whew. Are you ready for this because it's a tough one to get.

The name of the pet is Osiris Papyrus and it does have 1 card of Krokotillian on it that does 315 balance damage for 3 pips. You get it from Meowiarty in Big Ben. Yes, you must hack your way through a long instance and room after room of rats and cats until you finally get to the top and Meowiarty.

Since you asked the question, I decided to give it a shot myself just to see how long it would take for 2 level 50 grandmaster characters running all the way through Big Ben to the end.

It took us around 36 minutes for a no-nonsense run. I gave the second chance chest six opportunities between Thomas and Kyle to give us Osiris and . . . no dice.

Thanks for the question and best of luck farming up this rare pet!

Happy Dueling!


witchwarrior said...

XD my ten seconds of fame!
Better luck next time getting the pet

The Evil Theurgists said...

Wow lol, how GB's that take up? ps Thanks for mention :D

noxious.stupidity said...

good team work!
and.. by the way.. i received the pet the first time i defeated it, with my death character :D

stingite said...

@cass: :p

@Evil: oh, a lot.

@noxious: me = jealous

jesse ^_^ said...

ugh i never seen the pet you guys speak off..... and where do you get these electro songs friendly I love them....