Saturday, December 19, 2009

Firehouse Interview? Badges? eh?

Jeffery has two questions for me today:
Hey FN. I got 2 questions. 1st – can you put a video of someone interviewing the fire house? 2nd – how do you get the secret shop, krokoshpinx delver, and the bookworm badge?

1st- shrug . . . here you go!

I was going to put it on youtube, then got really embarrassed.

2nd . . .

Secret Shopper--To get the Secret Shopper badge, go to krokotopia and wait for this pad to light up:

Go to the shop there.

Krokosphinx Delver--To get the Krokosphinx Delver badge, complete all the Sphinx Quests. From what I'm hearing, Krokosphinx Delver isn't a new badge; however, Tomb Raider, which used to be bugged, is now working properly: just complete all the quests in the Tomb Of Storms to earn it.

Bookworm? No idea. It's too new. The leading theories seem to be do the book quest in Wizard City OR visit the libraries of the spiral OR complete all the quests in the libraries of the spiral. /shrug At some point maybe the warcry database will be updated and we'll know for sure.

Hope that helps! LOL.

Happy Dueling!


King of Death said...

lol. funny vid. And I found out something about the small WC house. visit my blog at to see it.

Anonymous said...

I think that yes, you have to finish all of the Zeke book quests.

Outstanding Allen said...

to get the bookworm badge i think you have to finish the ds book quest thingy.

The Helpful Sorcerer said...

idk all i know is that somehow in the test realms I got the bookworm badge. And btw can you advertise my blog? I want as mouch bloggers to know about it as possible. it is :

Charles Raven said...

@OutstandingAllen I have the badge and I didn't finish that quest.

Alicey said...

The video is hilarious! Thank you for that, it gave our whole house a good laugh :)

Anonymous said...

I got the badge and I didn't do all of the Zeke quests AND I haven't visited all of the libraries. I did do the wizard city book quest though.

Jessica said...

That was so funny! With the fire house thing and the weird voice.

I know what the bookworm thing is. There is a few quests in wizard city, once you're about level 15 you can check, but you go to the Wizard City library and look for the guy next to the book elevator. He gives you a quest before the main quest, and the main quest is; You have to defeat the main bosses on each street in Wizard City, like Alicane Swiftarrow and Lady Blackhope. You create a rubbing or just read a book next to them after you defeat them.

Jason Dragonblood said...

For the secret shopped badge you must visit the secret shop 5 times. The 1st time I went in it gave me the message I discovered a new bade. I checked my badge area to see what was needed to complete it and I showed I had visited the shop 1/5 times. I went outside and back in and each time it went up 1 number. At 5/5 I got the bdage.

the misty wizard said...

well, i think you get the bookworm badge from doing all orf the wc and kt libary quests, ansd lol funny vid.

M.W.S said...


This is too ridiculous your making me lose all my steam. Don't make me BURN/CONSUME up the other school houses espically ICE!

Fire House

P.S: Why have ICE when you can destroy with FIRE!

Coolaid0511 said...


The bookworm badge is earned via the Krokotopia quest "Trip to the Library" given by Tinu Bhak'mal inside the spiral door pyramid. He sends you to see Zan'ne in the Krok library where the badge is then given. I should note that my character had already completed all the WC book quests and was level 16. I had to re-enter the pyramid, after doing a few other quests, to get the quest, he also gave "Task at hand" at the same time.

Through the Spiral Gate said...

OMG the house sounds like Arnold Schwartzeneggar and likes YooHoo! I'm in love :D

Christina said...

Re: Bookworm Badge.

All of my characters created before the mounts update, they were all way past MB at the time, had the Bookworm Badge waiting for them.

My necromancer, who I hadn't played since before the update, received it on her first quest to talk to the librarian in KT (I have a screen shot if you'd like)

My Sorcerer, who I created well after the update (between Christmas and New Year's in fact) got it on her first quest to talk to the librarian (sp?) in Wizard City (I may have a screen shot, not sure).

Re: Secret Shopper Badge

My Sorcerer currently has a badge that says 2/5 in the spot where all of my other characters have the "Secret Shopper" Badge. I can provide a screen shot of that too. Not sure what it's all about, as I don't think it's two hidden trainers out of five (she has visited Mildred and the guy at the top of the building in KT) because I don't think there ARE five hidden trainers.


Luke Goldfist said...

I Love Yoohoos!

Serpenttine said...

idk cause i have not even finished krokotopia and i already have the bookworm badge so it is something before the end of krok at least.