Sunday, December 27, 2009

Is Malistaire's staff in the game? good wands for 11th level?

Got a couple wand questions, so I'm throwing them together.

First is this:
Hey, FN. Its Liam FireCrafter again. My friend, Jeffery SoulBlade (he asked about the fire house. he really wants it!), said he once saw a wizard with Malistaire's staff. ???

Many a wizard would love to have Malistaire's staff! Unfortunately, it is not available in the game. HOWEVER, if your friend should see that staff again (you know, because maybe there's something I don't know about), by all means have him screenshot it and definitely gear check him.

Do you know how to gear check people? No? Well, here's how you do it . . . Amber Deathsong will illustrate. Amber ran into Ravenwood and selected this chick:

Hello Katherine Jadeflower, whoever you are! Look at you! All gussied up with your Dragonspyre gear on!

So, now that Amber has Kathrine selected, she then clicks this little arrow.

This brings up her traits and what not, but since we want to look at her gear, we need to click one of these two arrows.

Then we can roll over her gear and check it out.

What the heck? Why isn't she wearing any shoes? Weird.

Hmm . . . she digs the hitpoints and is wearing an ice wyvern necklace . . . to each their own I suppose. At least she has a cool sword!

So, if your buddy ever sees Malistaire's staff on a player ever again, make sure he checks their gear. It's highly likely that he really saw something else, like maybe the Dragon Rider Staff.

My second question on wands is this:
Hey Friendly, glad to hear that you had a good Christmas. I hauled a lot of money and I think it's enough for me to get a year subscription. But that's not why I'm here. Do you know any good wands for a level 11 storm wizard (who is currantly without subscription)?

No subscription, eh? Well your best bet would be to do one of two things. Camp the bazaar for a staff from somewhere like Collosus Boulevard . . . like this:

OR, be like the cool kids and grab the latest and greatest Beckett's MMO magazine and snag yourself a Blue Raptor Blade. I talk about that here. It's a seriously nice sword for a low level character.

Thanks for the questions!

Happy Dueling!


jesk98 said...

Lol, I know Kathrine Jadeflower, I used to pvp with her.

Stingite said...

Next time you see her, remind her she needs to put her shoes back on! ;)