Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Bailey and Molly ready for counterweights! oh yeah, and smogger.

Wow, it's been a long time since Thomas was finishing up Marleybone.

Now the wife and I are ready for the counterweights and Big Ben! Woot!

Look how awesome the wife's character is looking these days:

We cleaned up Katzenstein pretty good btw. It didn't hurt that some random 50th level superstar is on my friends list for Molly. /shrug.

Thanks Starslinger! You're a star! He even powered us through the "secret boss" Smogger while we were there in Katz lab. Man I love that smogger loot.

My wife found starslinger outshining me by knowing all about the "secret boss" there to be hilarious. Yes, even I, the mighty Friendly Necromancer, answerer of all questions, supposed holder of all Wizard101 knowledge, didn't know about Smogger in Katz Lab. She laughed. She laughed. And she laughed some more. OH, it was so funny!

I tried to tell her that I remembered hearing something about it but not paying much attention to it . . . no . . . no excuses for the Friendly Necromancer.

So, thank you Starslinger for the education and thank you wife for the humbling moment.

So, to inform you all about Smogger . . . you collect wooden planks around the lab and outside of the lab after beating Mr. Katzenstein. You use these planks to construct a bridge that leads to smogger from the "dead end" room left of the lab. He has 4k health and is a rank 7 boss. Look here . . . even wikia knows about him. Look here . . . even central knows about him. Look here . . . even Tipa at West Karana knows about him (actually, that's probably where I remember hearing about Smogger from). And yes, probably ALL my readers even knew about Smogger. /smacks head THE TRAGEDY OF IT ALL! Well, if you somehow didn't . . . now you do. Gratz.


Happy Dueling!


smvb said...

I have worked three wizards past Marleybone, and yet, I also did not know about Smogger until I was doing Kat's lab a couple of days ago by myself and happened to accidentally discover him. He DOES give EXCELLENT loot! Funny that I should discover him only a day before you did. :-) When I told my son about him, he assured me that yes, he had known about him. Why didn't he tell ME?! :-D

Vikki said...

I think it's cool you didn't know about him - just shows that there is always something new for everyone.

destiny deathgem said...

ok this is a whittle off topic but why is the death school always on sale? i need the ice school to be on sale :( sniff sniff

destiny deathgem said...

ugh my bad i meant death HOUSE and ice HOUSE. xD my mind's a little foggy

Alia Lotuspetal said...

Never heard of Smogger... TO MARLEYBONE I GO!

Stephanie said...

I really lol at this one. "You learn something new everyday" is one of my favorite quotes. Being a curious person as I am, I was the first in all for of us (my sisters) to figured out about Smogger. I actually tried to farm him several times for that pixie pet but that lab is a pain :P

SorionHex said...

I thought everybody knew about Smogger X_X When I first did Katz's lab I noticed that I explored a lot and found him. He was never really a secret to me... I think the real secret to me was Crusher.

SorionHex said...

Just read the post above me. (Man I should scroll down and read) My secondary, Oran, got that pet on his first shot at Smogger. It's the only pet I use until I get Hydra since I can't heal anybody without it! I didn't know it was rare though >_>

destiny deathgem said...

anyone know why? anyone? hello? x echo x

stingite said...

Thank you all for your kind words . . . Tipa swears I did smogger with her and her alts. /shrug

@destiny: Well the storm house was on sale for the first week and the death house was on sale for the second week (plus a little). I think you'll see a new house on sale come monday (shhh, KI's offices were closed all last week . . . so, really, no one was even there to change things up in the crown shop . . . shhhh)

destiny deathgem said...

ooh ok o:
shhh :D lol thanks

smvb said...

I just have to add, that I also received the Pixie pet when I did Smogger. I LOVE her! She is so much simpler to use than the X-pip Dryad card from the gift card pet I had been using. :-D