Sunday, December 20, 2009

Ravenwood Radio's Live Event? pvp rules?

Erik had a question for me:
hi freindly i got two questions for you first one i was listening to ravenwood radio 5 yesterday and you were talking about the pvp touraments now this is my question where do you sign up for this and second you said that you could only use spells you learned so does this mean that i cant use my wand or anything that that gives my cards like clothes or pets or you get the idea thanks.

Oh! Sorry, yeah, that tournament is now over. It was Diary of a Wizard's Winter Smash and Bash tournament that happened yesterday. This was the link the participate. All the information on rules to participate, etc. can be found over there.

I wasn't able to attend myself, but I have reviewed the hour of footage that my new buds steve and leesha recorded on their site. Lesse . . . let me embed that on my site . . . here we go:

Watch live streaming video from ravenwoodradio at

Now, if you're looking for more pvp tournaments, let me highly recommend those tournaments hosted over on Central. No, there won't be coordinated video of the matches and all the hype of a full media blitz that only Fallon and her friends can produce, but these are excellent pvp tournaments that will reward you with Central forum gold and they occur all the time. They have their own set of rules, which include things like no fleeing, no bad language, no chain stunning, and only one life wizard per team. They also will have specific rules based on the particular event you're in.

Sorry we both missed the event! It looked like fun. :-)

Happy Dueling!

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