Saturday, September 26, 2009

Can you list your favorite classes?

Question from Blaze:
Blaze Golden Blade here, I’m a level 40 pyromancer and I was curious. First I’m going to guess your favorite class is death, but what is your second and third and so on? If you are so inclined, why? Thanks ahead of time

You guessed right! Death is my favorite class. MUHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!

*sounds of screeching bats fluttering to the night sky*

Ok, so . . . you realize that me choosing my favorite classes is going to open up a can of worms because one of the classes has to end up at the bottom, right?

Here's one thing I have noticed. My personality tends to draw me to the Life, death, myth side of the house moreso than the ice, fire, and storm side of the house. I haven't even tried balance yet. However, after running kyle through the game pretty much twice over . . . once with Death and once with life. I really like the idea of pairing the inner triangle of magic with the outer triangle of magic.

Image stolen from here:

I really hope they expand that triangle with some new magic over the coming months. I've heard rumor of Astral magic coming to play sometime in the future. They note the sun, moon, and stars as being the new classes, but I think it should be something different. I think they need to finally balance that triangle out with something that opposes balance.

My suggestion: volatility magic: the magic of randomness. Actually if you look at that dictionary definition there are a lot of cool words being thrown around with the word volatility . . . evaporation, vapor, inconsistent, fickle, lighthearted, flighty, ephemeral, fleeting, violence, explosive, flying, volant, irresolute, boiling point, exciteableness . . . I don't know about you, but those are starting to sound like spell names to me. THE POWERS OF RANDOMNESS DESTROY YOU BALANCE! A CURSE UPON THEE!

Seriously, wouldn't it be cool to say you belong to the volatility school of magic? That would be my new favorite class for sure!

Um . . . so the moral of the story is, when you don't know the answer to a question or don't want to answer it: baffle them with bull.

Happy Dueling!


Grayson said...

So it's like, the randomness Spectral Blast for your 'new' favorite school?

Sierra Starsong said...

Or just to make it easier to remember, the Chaos school could counteract Balance. Balance has a bit of each school, so Chaos would be like none of them at all? All the Chaos spells have several possible random effects, you'll never know which one you're gonna get until you cast it.