Thursday, December 31, 2009

How do I spawn Yakedo?

Liam has another question!
Hey, FN. Its Liam F. I got a question: on W101 Central, ironhawk posted a guide to mooshu. It says in the Crimson Fields instance level there is a secret boss named Yakedo. It dosen't say how to make him appear. Help?

AHAHAHAHA! YES! Now this "secret" boss I *DO* know about. The first time I talk about him on this blog I don't mention his name. But there is a little video of Amber pulling the banners that spawn him.

I brought Amber back to pull more banners this morning just to verify.

So if you pull all four banners out in the main battlefield of Crimson Fields, then after you complete all the construction of the barricades and gather all the scouts and finally spawn the army of bad guys . . . BOOM . . . Yakedo will spawn with them.

I ran to go take a screenshot of him

And I got stuck on my horse from being too close to the edge, LOL. BUG!

Luckily Kyle was there to port to and away from the sticky situation AND luckily Kyle had warmed up an electric blanket to tuck Yakedo away as well.

A SNUGLY SOFT AND DEADLY BLANKET OF ELECTRICITY THAT IS! And hey! he doesn't drop half bad loot, does he?

And as Liam indicated, you can find Yakedo's list of loot over on Central from Ironhawk's amazing guides.

Thanks for the question!

Happy Dueling!


Kestrel Shadowthistle said...

Please tell me you kept that robe. Put it on amber and take a screenshot. It is SO PRETTY!!!!!

Gazerwolf said...

I just did this with my Balance wiz...

It should be noted that defeating Yakedo does not count for the quest goal of defeating 10 on the battlefield.

(so if you fight him you have to defeat 11)

Kestrel Shadowthistle said...

Hey, remember the question box you had a while back? Any idea how I could get one on my site?

alex deathshade said...

is it worth farming him for money?

stingite said...

No, it takes a while to spawn him. I wouldn't recommend it for farming.