Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fire Minion for Bailey

Yesterday I got a call at work. I was busily editing documents and collecting pictures of people's pets for my local newsletter.

*I pick up the phone and answer*

"Hi, yes, I have a question for the Friendly Necromancer?"

LOL. wife. So funny.

You see, the baby had gone down for a nap and she was working on a new spell quest for Bailey. Bailey and Molly are to the Ironworks part of Marleybone now, but Bailey just barely turned 28th and got her Burning Books spell quest. What had happened was she got lost in quest text, clicked something, and lost her quest arrow to take her to the right spot.

I directed her to Wikia, which is incredibly slow lately, and her fire spells quest page . . . and then Kyle begged mom to get off the computer so he could play Spore.

This morning, however, diapermancer had woken her up and she came in to find me playing before work here. So, I loaded up Bailey and finished up the quest while she watched. Wouldn't it be nice to have the Friendly Necromancer be your husband and help you with your quests?

Mr. Incinerator at the end of her quest was a little tough, but Bailey and Molly made short work of him.

Bailey got her book that Anna Flamewright had stolen or lost or whathaveyou (I wasn't watching for that part of the quest)

And Falmea was overjoyed to see her book again!

So much so that she gave Bailey a new wonder friend to activate in battle.

Yup, now Bailey and Molly can call up their minions to do their dirty work while they do their nails. Life is good.

Happy Dueling!


Jessica said...

See, fire is awesome!

Sierra Starsong said...

Wonder friend powers, activate! (snicker)

stingite said...

Lol Sierra! I was wondering if anyone would pick up on that reference. :)

witchwarrior said...

Nice job!!
Btw friendly, I hope Molly would like to meet Jenna, since they are both opposites of us.

DeathRaven490 said...

Cool,tell me how much health that thing has soon.