Monday, September 22, 2008

Twenty Something

Here we go . . . it's now a couple weeks later, and I’m chillin’ in my twenties (there are 50 levels to this game btw). I’ve made a couple more friends just by hanging out and helping people. I must have done the “fang” boss 3 or 4 times now just from helping people work through it.

Who’s the fang boss? I’ll tell ya! So our friendly Egyptian Krokotopian helper “Shelek the Wise” tells us we need this golden fang from the Ice Caverns. Basically what you have to do is kill three death magic bosses (+1 of their friends) and solve the resulting puzzle that occurs at their death. These puzzles are age appropriate for younger kids, as long as you figure out that you’re suppose to look on the resulting “clue wall” behind them for clues after their defeat. Solving the puzzles then opens the door to the main boss (+1 friend). Defeat her, and you’ll be smack dab where I am progression wise at the time of this posting. :-)

On a side note, although I’ve made a couple of friends, I have run into someone who tried to make fun of my avatar. Haha. Check this screenshot out.

I love watching this kid try to circumvent the filters to fish for an insult. It turned out to be just about the most idiotic thing I’ve ever read. Hahaha.

Hasn’t this person heard? Real men wear kilts!

p.s. Take note, don't be unfriendly to the friendly necro. Be excellent to each other.


Bpaul said...

<-- owns a utilikilt and flaunts that fact whenever possible

Anonymous said...

Man, that guy who tried to insult you sucks.