Friday, November 20, 2009

Woot! My Beckett mag came in the mail yesterday!

I was so happy to open my mailbox yesterday and see my Beckett's magazine resting in there. It looked a little cold and lonely. It called to my hands, "Hold me, Thomas. Take me and read my MMO goodness, Thomas."

. . . and I did! I read it and loved all the articles from Stephanie Morrow. She's great, you know. The Wizard101 article this time was about the new mounts, henchmen, potions, etc. that were put into the game last major patch. Also, as I had heard rumor of, there was a code in there for THE BLUE RAPTOR BLADE!

Check it out . . . I got me some Beckett's and I got me some Blue Raptor. I had to help improve their cover though for this picture:

It speaks the name of the evil one. So Myrna, looks just awesome with her Blue Raptor blade. It goes perfectly with her ice wizardy self.

I like what KI has been doing with their promo swords lately. This sword does 90 points of damage and comes with three cards (no pip boost). This is along the same lines as what the valor sword comes with (100 points of damage, 3 cards, no pip boost). I was surprised to see that it does Myth damage instead of ice damage, but that's great for Myrna actually. She's happy with that.

I was trying to catch a bit of the sparkle that it leaves behind you . . . and I didn't get much sparkle in the screenshot. But it's there, I promise! It sparkles!

And yes, you go out into the circle to swing your sword at the creature you are attacking. So, this is a win sword for your lowbies. Good stuff.

Hope you got your sword!

Happy Dueling!


Stargrace said...

I'm so glad you got your sword! You're far too kind with the praise, too, hehe. I had a blast writing the Beckett MOG article as well as the one for Fun! Online Gaming! The wizard 101 articles are some of my favorite, always such great things to write about!

Congratulations again on the pretties!

Grayson said...

Um, Friendly, I just noticed that she has the old ice wizard level 15+ gear. How did you get them?

stingite said...

@stargrace: I'm really looking forward to the FOG article! Keep up the good work!

@Grayson: I excel at being a pack rat. :-)