Sunday, September 13, 2009

Good Day virtually . . . not so great day for some neighbors

Hi all,

Well, as the Evil Twin Chat cartoon below indicates, Bailey and Molly hit the 20th level mark and entered Grizzleheim.

We also spent some time gathering up a few of the spells that we're sitting in our quest log. This included a visitation from the heckhound for Bailey!

Which of course, led to the heckhound spell being added to her repertoire.

It's time to put all those mobs in the doghouse. Word.

ALSO . . .

I went last night to meet up with a few people to do a 3v3 pvp battle for a tournament match via the Wizard101 Central tournaments. Even though I was 30 minutes late due to being delayed from visiting my mother in the hospital (she recently had her knee replaced), I ended up being the only person on my team to show. Oh well.

Paige Moonshade from the other team took us all to the old school arena and we did a number of pvp matches just for fun. Most of the people in attendance were members of the wizened wizards! That's a group of older peeps playing this game who have pretty much formed their own guild. You can read more about them by clicking here.

This ended up being a really good time for all, and by an incredible stroke of luck, I was on the winning team every time. LOL!

All these matches ended with the traditional "gg" (that's short for "good game" if you haven't been around the block in the gaming world) and some good laughs.

This exercise in pvp awesomeness led to meeting a lot of the big names from Wizard101 Central, either again or for the first time. For example, I finally got to add Alex Jaderider to my friends list.

Alex Jaderider you ask? pfffft. Let me refresh - your - memory. (That's three different instances that I've mentioned him for the record . . . I'm a total fanboi.)

Anyway, it was really cool to end up on the same team as Alex last night.

ALSO . . .

I just have to make this note because I'd feel a little strange not. I sit inside my comfortable house with my loving family a lot and we play games and laugh and eat and play games some more. But, I take for granted all the horrible things that could happen and don't. Yesterday morning we woke to the sound of fire engines racing past our house. My boss from work called and had seen the fire engines racing toward our house. "Are you guys ok?"

We were ok, we were fine, but our neighbors on the next street over were not ok. Their house was pretty much gutted out and burned through in a fire. This was the picture I took from our drive way.

Something simple like an iron being left on can do major damage. My heart and thoughts go out to this poor family. Please be safe all!

Happy Dueling!


witchwarrior said...

Gasp! there was a fire?! O:
Thank goodness you're ok

JediRex said...

O:O:O: O wow! *Faint* Anyway great job Bailey! My HeckHound's named "Bob". So? I KNOW ITS WEIRD! I have a phonix named "Fred" to...

Anonymous said...

Oh my! It's a good thing everyone was Okay... I hope that they caan find a new house and live without any more fires.

Professor Greyrose said...

So glad you and yours are safe.

I'm sure you're well aware of how PvP matches go against people the likes of Todd Coleman!
Oh wait...nevermind :)

~Prof G

Ian Silverflame said...

I hope your neighbors have a good support network to help them through this.

I also hope that we see you back in the area for some random duels! It was great to finally meet you, even if I wasn't lucky enough to always be on your team...which means I lost a few. :P