Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mirkholm down, jotun and his buddies up next

Just another quick update. I finished up Mirkholm Keep with Thomas today, and it is now on to Nidavellir, which means Jotun and his brothers are right around the corner for me.

I made a little collage of some scenes from my time in Mirkholm.

(click to enlarge)

Any tips that you guys want to throw my way for Jotun, I'd be more than happy to listen to. :-)

Happy Dueling!


Sierra Starsong said...

After your initial fight in Helgrind Warren be careful to hug the central battle circle as you go to the next four battles, it's *really* easy to accidentally walk too close to the door and find yourself exiting the instance. If that happens you get to start the whole thing over again.

JGoof said...

Hey Friendly,

If you do the Jotun's brother instances first, you wont have any problem. My GrandMaster Necromancer was able to solo both brothers. I had help for Jotun himself, but I think I could have soloed him. I love Scarecrow lol.

In all instances you will have to fight some minions to make your way to the boss.

Cheats and Crackers said...

What I would do is this, this is what I did:

Do the maze one first, taking away that one brother helps a lot. You don't need to bother to do the second one, you can easily make it through without it, if you have good people. On my fire, I teamed up with a balance and storm grand, and it was cake to take them out. So, just team up with a balance, fire, and storm, and he is complete cake, trust me.

Good luck!


JediRex said...

Hmm... I only battled him once and it was HARD. Follow Cheats Ideas.

Sierra Starsong said...

FYI When you first enter Ndalievier (or whatever it's called) you'll be facing three doors. The left door is Helgrind Warren (the zoo), the right door is Winterdeep Warren (the maze), center is Jotun.

Keep checking your map while you're in the Maze so you don't end up backtracking, it's easy to get turned around during fights and forget which way you were going.

PS One of Jotun's rare drops is a Yardbird statue identical to Zeke's birdies.

witchwarrior said...

I suggest taking Kyle with you with a myth blade attached. A mega converted tempest is sure to kill him.

jessenightshade said...

keep up the good work friendly and goodluck beating grizzlheim I say my favorite is ravenscar in grizzlheim. it so cool.
#1 fan jesse nightshade

Grayson said...

Do any of you know what the amulet is that he will get? If you know, and you have access to Wiki or the Central, please post it up. I want to know what that amulet is, so that, when, and IF I can get in to Grizzleheim.

Thank you

Best Wishes,


stingite said...

Great suggestions all!

Greyson, it was a amulet with tower shield on it. :-)

Lil' Miss Sunshine said...

I can't find the brothers in the two side doors, help?
For instance, the 'zoo' in the left hand 'Helgrind' just seems to have more collossuses.Is the brother in one specific doorway realms? \
Where's the brother to be found in the right-hand Winterdeep maze? Do I just hug the walls on my way to the final big area of the maze and that's where he is?
If I fight the brothers and win on different days will it all still count toward the final Jotun battle or do I have to battle all their minnions (the colossuses to open the 'zoo'doors,for instance) and the brothers and Jotun all in one go ?