Monday, September 14, 2009

Do I write a blog for the game that shall not be named

Question here from Ryan

Question=Hey Friendly! I love
to follow your blog, but I am now playing
World of Warcraft. I know that you play
too, so I was wondering if you
write a blog for WoW or know any blogging
site for WoW.

Ryan Winterstone (Grandmaster Thaumaturge),
Ryan Stormblade (Grandmaster Diviner),
Ryan Trollslinger (Grandmaster Conjurer),
and Ryan Deathflame (Grandmaster Necromancer)]...
and EVENTUALLY a Level 80 Blood Elf Mage
(thatll be a while...)

GASP! You mentioned the name! HUSH!

So, here's the deal. I used to be awesome at the game which shall not be named. I had a really cool guild. Our guild name was "no," which was short for "no I will not pst to join your guild." I ran a female human paladin toon and a night elf hunter with a spider named rimshot on the Uther server. Then later I ran an undead priest and an undead rogue on the horde side of another server.

But those days, my friends, are long gone. They're just a distant memory now. Yes, those characters are still there out in the void of Blizzard's servers, but I haven't played that game for over two years now.

No, I never kept a secret, hidden WoW blog. I was too busy writing on my guild and raiding alliance forums to keep a blog back then. Oh, I wrote some gems too (to a much smaller audience mind you), and I even wish I would have kept some of that writing to look back on.

So, on to the second part of you question, do I know of any good blogs for said game? Well, I remember Blessing of Kings being a fairly decent paladin (and gaming in general) blog. Tobold's Blog is another HUGE blog that's been around many many years (once again though, he talks about many many MMORPGs . . . not just the game which shall not be named).

But, here's the deal . . . there are a metric ton of game that shall not be named blogs out there. For example, check out this list of Mage specific blogs over on the forums.

I wish I could recommend one of those to you, but I honestly don't have a handle on the scene to point you in the right direction there.


Best of luck in that game, but I have to warn you that WoW is the scariest MMO on the planet. It can suck you in and give you PLENTY of things to do and can take up ALL your spare time. That game can become your entire life if you let it.

Be very careful stepping in that direction. It can lead to a lot of weight gain in front of the computer.

I ain't kidding.

Happy Dueling!

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Sierra Starsong said...

West Karana includes some WoW entries, along with W101 and a ton of other games. There's a link to her blog over in Friendly's sidebar.