Friday, September 11, 2009

The Tricky Wildclaw soon to be released!

Wow! Hey! Look at this that I've stumbled upon this morning!

You really need to go check out the giftcard page today:

Who says there aren't Grizzleheim themed pets! It appears that you will be able to purchase the Tricky Wildclaw at most US Walgreens in the near future! From what the text on the page says, it appears the tricky wildclaw will come equipped with a reshuffle card.


Happy Tricky Wildclaw Dueling!


JediRex said...

Rar! Thats a tough decion for me. A sunbird that gives me his spell or a reshufull. Hmmm

Elijah Stormheart said...

That'd be PERFECT for my Balance!

Sierra Starsong said...

A reshuffle would be handy, and the pet looks really cool too.

Myth Maser X said...

Oh my ... It shows the thunder oni thing. all the card you showed us before has come true O: Show us a Thomas Lionblood pet and it will come out tomorrow :)

dafitzboy said...

Whe i bought my gift card from Walgreens it gave me the same pet except i got the spell pixie i'll check again cause it looks the same

dafitzboy said...

uh when i got that gift card at walgreens, my pet was the same looking thing exactly but gave me this card called fairy which heals you 480.
ill check to see if it is the same ok