Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Jotun down, Ravenscar on deck!

Hello Duelers!

Thanks all for the great suggestions you gave me on taking down Jotun. I used a little bit of everyone's advice. Here's a poster:

(click to enlarge)

I actually tried to just zerg the middle Jotun instance at first and take him down with Thomas and Kyle without taking out one of the brothers first. I think I may need to head back in later for a rematch with this version of Jotun and his brothers. I think I can take them with just me and kyle. I ended up being shy one convert to really lay the pain down on Jotun and after taking the two brothers and one add down . . . Jotun finished me and kyle off.

So, then I did the maze and took care of one of the brothers first. Yup, the Jotun fight was cake after that.

*wipes hands clean*

So it looks like Ravenscar is up next!

Happy Dueling!


JediRex said...

Ravenscar! Sounds awesome! I'm still on a instance in the second place you get to go. Good Luck!

jessenightshade said...

ravenscar is my favorite place in grizzlheim it's so cool good luck there friendly the items for death are pertty cool I like the robe the most.

witchwarrior said...

nice job!
prepare to face a darkbird, giant helephant guardian, and the stormfather.
p.s. Kol Shadowsong has the same last name and school as my sis's character XD

JGoof said...
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JGoof said...

Good luck in Ravenscar, my favorite area of the game. The storyline is awesome. When I first did the last boss fight, it was during the period when the monsters were doing their bad tricks. We were four grandmasters and we all spent more than three bottles. It is my most memorable fight.