Tuesday, September 8, 2009

FW: Friends of Wizard101.

This just came through the community wire!


Friends of Wizard101.

J. Todd Coleman, Creative Director of Wizard101, was featured in "Mornings
with Lorrie & Larry" on FamilyNet TV. He talked about online games, kid
safety and of course, Wizard101! You can hear the podcast from the morning
show here:



John IceBlade said...

The link wouldnt work.

stingite said...

ok! Thanks for the heads up. I'm looking at the code to make sure it's nothing on my end.

stingite said...

Yup, my forwarded message had inserted a line break into the link. Everything should be working now! Thanks again!

stingite said...

. . . just got done listening to this. I found it interesting that they've considered adding a control for parents to say their kids can only play this game for a certain time limit.

Realistically that might be a little hard on other players if they were to start an instance with someone and they drop out of the instance because they ran out of parent-allotted time.

BUT, it's a great idea. I like the way they are thinking. More parental controls and options are a good thing IMHO. It's what makes this MMO so much different than all the others.

What are your opinions on the broadcast?

JediRex said...

I think its very interesting. The parental control idea, well your right about instancing.

witchwarrior said...

Very wise words!
I'm keeping this on my mind.

Sierra Starsong said...

There are plenty of other ways to monitor how long your kid stays online, it doesn't need to be integrated into the game. We use a kitchen timer set for half an hour, when it beeps they're off of there - which lets us decide if they get an extra minute or two to finish up a battle or whatever.

Monitoring to that extent is the parents' job, not KI's.

Cheats and Crackers said...

Thank you Sierra, you have proven a good point. That pretty much is an OBVIOUS puller to make adults more "interested" in the game, because Kingsisle is truly money thirsty, like it or not. I do admit that they put a lot of work into it, but either way, they want money big time. Example: The parent monitoring timer.