Monday, September 7, 2009

Where do you get the Terminus?

Here's a question from a fan of the blog:
username=mike skullblood
Question= i am a level 41 necromancer, and i
want your staff so bad! how did you get
it? it is soooo cool!
i saw a n.p.c. in triton avenue with
it, and then i saw your big picture of
you with the staff. plz reply.

long live the fang!(the order)

Yes! The name of that staff (as the title of this post indicates) is The Terminus! Let me link you to when I first found that staff myself. Click me!

You see, there's a quest to get a class weapon and it all starts with the Dragon named Sunbrand in The Drake Hatchery. You can get this quest (unless they've changed it recently) at any level . . . yup, you can get a dragonspyre quest when you're a low level character! There are a few quests to complete in a chain and then you will receive your staff. Surviving these quests as a low-level character is another thing all together. ;-)

The staff you receive is based on the class you are. Death Wizards will receive Terminus. Life wizards and storm wizards get their own staves from completing this quest. The catch is that it's a level 45 staff. Also, you should know that you can now buy these staves at the bazaar if someone sells theirs. So, you can be on the lookout there if you don't want to do the quest.

You are correct that there is an NPC holding this staff.

It's Duncun Grimwater! My old buddy. Someone even proposed he would be the next boss of Celestia. hehe.

hmmm, I don't think so. I think I'll be the next boss of Celestia. RAWR!



Happy Dueling!


Myth Maser X said...

Thomas LionBlood, Rank 500 Boss, School: Death, Student: Malitaire. Um, if I get hurt, my insurance will cover being attacked by a guy with a monkey mouse pad. I would rather fight The Diapermancer, at least he dosn't know how to kill me, or did you teach him? Are there now 5 LionBlood's out there looking for fights? Well hope not. Now if you will exuse me, I will behiding from your one mnth year old son. Wait, that didnt sound right. Well, for a chicken like me, it does! To the Cassandra Mobile! *Becaus she has a secret cave ;)*

Jessica said...

Pff. You are not! Well you'd better not be. Or else I'm definitly not going to Celestia anytime soon.*flees*