Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Questions for our Wizard101 Community

Hello fellow Wizard101 fans! Our fine community leaders for Wizard101 have a couple of questions they'd like to ask you. SO CURIOUS!

Curious Thomas approves of KI's curiosity!

Take a look at these questions, and if you can provide some good answers, make it so! You may even get a few crowns out of the whole deal if they like what you write and use it in an article!!

1. Are you addicted to Wizard101? Tell us how often you play and what you like doing most!

2. Did you learn to read or strengthen your reading skills through Wizard101? Tell us about it!

I know of one person who told me he had read all 500+ posts of mine and felt
that in the eighth grade, he was now reading on a college level: all because
of this game (and my blog). I love when I hear feedback like that!

As far as addiction to Wizard101 goes, remember my friends, as Benjamin Franklin would say, "all things in moderation."

Happy Dueling!


Jessica said...

I've responded to the 'Are you addicted thing' (the answer was yes), but I don't think I strenghened my reading skills. I read a lot of books before that, and I was pretty good at it. Of course, Wizard 101 is fun, but I don't think it's completely about reading (as in reading everything). The surrondings matter right? But still, Wizard 101 is fun!
Nice picture! I've read all of you're posts too! And, look at the right side, you have 460ish posts. Just saying!
(If you disagree with me, it's perfectly fine. It's a matter of opinion, and I have my own opinion, and you have yours.)

Silverheart said...

ummm I read on an adult reading level I don't know if it's because of wizard101 or not. . .

stingite said...

Hey Jessica, yeah, I definitely don't think it's all about reading. I think video game developers sometimes have a hard time getting people to read their quest text even. Most of the time it seems like people just want to "click through" the quest text and just follow the yellow arrow.

I'm going to say that it's an individual experience. Some will read the quest text and some won't. Some will start to branch out to blogs and message boards ( where I believe they start reading a bit more as they hunt around for information.) and some won't.

But if it did genuinely help someone, I think that's great! I can see why KI would want to hear from those individuals.

p.s. (469 for 2009 + 64 for 2008 . . . you forgot those 64 in 2008. jus' sayin' ;p)

jessenightshade said...

I myself do read alot in wizard 101 but inproving my reading skills at reading in wizard 101 no I don't think so I was already a pertty good reader. mos tof the reading in wizard 101 is not diffecult.

Grayson said...

I don't think that I got better at reading from W101. Although I got WAY better at typing trough Text Chat.

P.S. It's amazing how little posts you did in 2008.

Jessica said...

Whoops! Didn't read that. Sorry!

Amber StarGem said...

I was already an amazing reader before I discovered Wizard101. In third grade I read the Series of Unfourtunate Events. In fourth grade I read the Harry Potter series in two and a half monthes. But yes I am addicted.