Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Roberto is the new Malistaire?

I was just reading abracadoodle and noticed that Diego is searching for someone named Roberto. And Roberto seems to be an adversary.

So, I did a quick search on Roberto, and I discovered that I'm not the only one wondering about who this Roberto is.

I then went to wiki and found that the only NPC close to Roberto is Robert Lancaster. hmm, that doesn't seem right. I did another search on Robert and Kingsisle, and there is an artist there that works at kingsisle named Robert Wilsher, so it could be an inside joke about an artist that works there . . . that would make sense.

I'm not sure though. Why would I waste my time? Well, I'm on the lookout here for new information on possible leads that will give a clue to who the new bad guy is going to be. I mean, we defeated Malistaire, we know that more challenges await us, we know we're going to progress past level 50 in some harder content . . . so who will be our new bad guy and how will that all be tied together?

Back in August, J. Todd Coleman (our Executive Director), sat down with the fine people at Gamezone and he was asked about the "end-game" content of Wizard101:
Q: Is there an end-game? It seemed that there were story elements driving quests through the first levels, do those stories continue to drive the game, do they bleed over into other story arcs, or will players uncover new storylines as they progress?

Coleman: There is, actually – this is a departure from most virtual worlds. Every area in the game is tied together by a primary narrative thread, and the story actually includes a beginning (the player arrives at Wizard City and signs up for class), a middle (the player grows in magical power) and an end (the player faces the ultimate bad guy to try and save the world.) Beyond that, we’ll be adding new chapters to the story to keep the world as engaging and immersive as possible.

We've faced the ultimate bad guy, we know there's going to be new chapters to the story . . . who will our next enemy be? I definitely don't think it's going to be a dragon titan named Deathwing or anything like that . . .

So here's a question for my readers, Who do you think the new bad guy will be or how do you think this will all tie together in the the next world (celestia?)?

Happy Dueling!


Silverheart said...

I think that the next bad guy is Malister's cousin I can't wait for new content to be released that way my friends who has finished the game already will have somethin to do :)

Sierra Starsong said...

Since Malistaire "went to rest" with Sylvia, maybe Celestia is where the good spirits go (as opposed to all the wraiths and banshees still walking around). That doesn't sound like a place M would be comfortable, I can see him trying a new takeover bid from there.

Or now that the Grizzleheim folks know about Wizard City, maybe Malistaire teams up with the Ravens to take over their world.

PS Got your postcard yesterday, thanks!

JediRex said...

Hmmm... Lets see the bad guy is a human related to a good guy so lets se a good guy to be oposed...

The Infamous Super Death Wizard said...

Roberto is Diego's rival and resembles him. However, he can only be seen when you "duel" him as the final boss of the Dueling Diego mini-game.

stingite said...

@Silverheart: That would be cool. Yeah, a lot of people are wanting new content for sure.

@Sierra: I really like the way you're thinking there. Glad the postcard made it to you!

@Jedi: So you want a good guy to turn evil? That could be interesting.

@SDW: ahh, so that's where that come from. Thanks SDW!

Tesh said...

I've asserted more than once that it's OK to "finish" an MMO. It doesn't bother me at all that Malistaire's saga is over and that he has some closure.

It may be an artifact of my casual gameplay style, but I'm OK not needing to call a game my "home away from home". I've given King's Isle money for what I've had fun with, they don't need to string me along with a perpetual treadmill "end game" like WoW or its ilk. In fact, I'd say that's a strength of W101; you actually *finish* things.

stingite said...

Nah, this game is going to go on a bit longer. We're not done and it's been such a success that I can't see them doing anything other than keeping it going.

Yeah, the main theme to this point has been Malistaire, but I think you're going to see things stretched out so we can find more about the worlds along the spiral and an expansion to the back story involving the lore of the dragons and the titans and their war. It's just too much back story not to expand it just a bit more. That wasn't all created for effect. I believe it was created for potential.

Of course, the speed at which these updates come will depend greatly on the success or failure of the second project. IMHO.

JediRex said... that showes roberto at the end. As I said I allmost exact copy of Diego!

DreamWalker said...

i think the next conquest would be to restore dragon spire back to where it used to be or at least replanting of the fallen trees in the acadamy area since the fire and death trees were all that were left. that would allow a world per tree perhaps and a final fight with the dragon titan that destoyed them in the first place.