Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Strategies for soloing with Myth

Question here:
Hello Friendly! I was just wondering what your opinions are on strategies to use when soloing with myth.

Ok, just so you know, my myth is only level 18 and I usually play him at the same time as the Evil Twin. So, my experience soloing with myth is limited. However, I'm going to go ahead and spell it out as I see it. All you Myth students feel free to step in if you have some advice to offer.

1- Heal Thyself. If you're going to solo, then you're going to need to heal and block damage. Load your deck with pixies, weakness, and tower shield (Ether shield and volcanic shield as well as the situation dictates). Always keep your potion bottles full. Know that your cyclops pet can heal you. Know that you have a siphon health card. There's a lot of tough fights ahead of you, you need to do your best to keep yourself alive.

2- Ninja Pig is candy. Buy up all the Ninja Pig cards in the bazaar and load them in your sideboard. If you have a big boss battle, you may find yourself pulling that out and using it because you don't have to double trap the boss.

3- Know thy minions. If you use the golem minion, you want the agro on you. If you use the other minions, you want the agro on them. Since the golem minion is a one hit wonder, you pretty much have to follow its lead. Whatever the golem targets, you target. Unfortunately the golem usually targets the boss, which is backwards logic. Usually you would want to kill off the minions first and then the boss, but if you want to keep that little wooden puppet alive, you have to follow his lead to ensure you have the agro, or he's dead.

So, here's my theory with casting the golem. Don't cast him on the first round. Wait a round so that you have an extra pip. Then cast a pixie to heal yourself or a two-pip damage spell on the golem's target and your agro will be secured over the golem. A pixie is more reliable than a damage spell because it hardly ever fizzles. Note this as well. Your heal builds up hate from all mobs, not just the one the golem is fighting. So, if you're using a golem minion, pixies are a wonderful thing.

If you use another minion besides the golem, you just have to rely on their powers of taunting while you play shields and build pips to unleash your cyclops, humongofrog, minotaur, ninja pig, whathaveyou.

4- Use your minions wisely. You have to get those utility cards from the secret shop in krok and at least one from Croaky. At level 25, pick up Sap Power from Croaky. Using Sap Power with a golem minion is an unreal power boost. For example, you come into a fight with a pip, cast a golem which costs no pips, cast sap power to destroy him, and you suddenly have enough to cast a seven pip spell by the third round of a fight. Not shabby at all at lower levels. In fact, that could equal two humongofrogs in a row for you.

5- bubble and blades > traps. This is true especially for when you cast those two hit spells like minotaur and orthrus. Cast your myth blade, cast your bubble, cast the spirit blade spell from Niles (you'll want to pick up spirit blade from Niles in Krokotopia at level 25). Traps are nice, but double trapping takes a while . . . very worth trapping and even double trapping if you're taking on a big boss somewhere.

6- stuns. You get a big one after beating Marleybone. It stuns all targets for the cost of two pips. This is an agro securing spell, let me tell you. They will want to come after you big time if you use this spell. It can also be super effective if timed right.

7- pvp in 1v1. Myth are one of the best (if not thee best) 1v1 in the game. Your opponent will usually have to double shield against you, and the cards just don't land right all the time to do that.

8- No true secondary. So if you read between the lines, instead of having a secondary class, I've recommended you go up the ice path to tower shield, go up the balance path to grab weakness, buy spirit blade from Niles (might as well pick up spirit trap while you're at it for kicks), buy sap power from croaky (it's a storm spell go figure). what you buy from there is yours . . . (I'd probably go storm with the rest so you can boost your minion's tendency to cast storm shark and because it's the opposing class . . . you probably will have enough to do that.)

And that's how I see it. Myth casters out there, any other tips to give this person? I'm sure everyone has a different point of view on it. That's just how I see it today.

Happy Dueling!


Sierra Starsong said...

I've never played myth so I can't offer advice, but after reading this I'm seriously considering starting a Myth wizard. (As if four weren't enough to keep up with!) Thanks for the insights into the Myth mindset.

Grayson said...

As a matter of fact, I have a myth Wizard exactly on level 18. That's why Isaid i needed help with the Nirini bosses in the Palace of Fire. If anyone can help me with that problem, please email me at

Thank You

Best Wishes,

Gorman RavenHunter

Anonymous said...

Don't wanna install outlook express, so I'm just gonna post my question here:

Hi Friendly! I'm starting Runes of Magic, and since you've had experience with games like the one that shall not be named, which is similar to Runes of Magic, I thought you may have some advice on which type would be better. I've decided on two types: Warrior or Mage. I'm interested in mages because they specialize in attacks with elements and all that, yet warrior is, warrior, which is always awesome, whatever the game may be.


Anonymous reader of your blog

Anonymous 2 said...

I was going to comment as anonymous, but someone has already commented with that. I'd just like to say thanks for replying to my question! That was a very helpful post for me.

L. R. Jonté said...

I did as much of the game solo with my Myth wizard as I could.

-The most important thing is to plan ahead. Learn to calculate the way a fight will go.
-Take your time and don't take unnecessary risks.
-Keep your potions full and your healing spells handy.
-And, especially in the higher level fights, use your minions early and often.