Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Some quick catching up

Hey all! I just wanted to raise your attention once again to my other blog, where I have some articles up about Nanovor and Dragon Blade.

I'm not writing much here this morning because I want to get into Wizard101 and play Isaiah and the Evil Twin a little before work. :-)

Happy Dueling!

OH, and feel free to leave a note below in the comments to let me know what you've been up to. Catch me up on what you've been doing . . . especially those I haven't heard from in a while.

Here are a couple screenshots from this weekend.

Bailey and Molly were at it again. They've made it to the krokosphinx now! I always have a good time playing with my wife on Wizard101!

This is a bunch of us waiting around for Lady Shy to wake up from her slumber to join us for a 3v3 match. About the time I left from waiting is about the time I think she showed up to play from what I'm reading. :(

And now I'm off to play!



Jessica said...

Awesome! Krokosphinx? Farther then me! I hope you hear marleybone music soon!

A kinda tired pyromancer (4 in the morning).

Anonymous said...

Hello friendly! its alex dragonblade if you dont remember. i've grown a bit tired of this game. looking for a new one, any recommendations. i am waiting for something new to happen in wizard101 or their new mmorpg to open up. i cant wait till they release newer contests. friendly, wanna do a 3v3? i have a flaming 22 necromancer that would do good at pvp with isiah and the evil twin, maybe molly and the other could join us in a 4v4! :)

Sierra Starsong said...

Danielle (my Storm wiz) finished the Krokosphinx but she's a little afraid of the Temple of Storms, so she headed off to deal with the Red Claws in Grizzleheim first. Olivia (my Life wiz) only has two more levels to her final spell, explored Ravenscar a little and tag-teamed Malistaire yet again with my husband (Necro GM) and one of our boys (Balance wiz still in Wizard City).

blaze said...

i've been playing my runescape account i cant wait to level 40 defence!!!!! oh and alex try runescape if you do i would love helping with quests and stuff :)

Matthew said...

yeah shy showed up about 2 minutes after you left....

stingite said...

@jessica: I'm just about to have 4 characters all right at that point in their progression. What are you doing up so early?

@alex: sad to hear you have grown tired of the game! hehe, I don't pvp much, but it might be cool one of these days.

@sierra: I like the idea of heading to Grizzleheim around that time. nice.

@blaze: runescape, eh? That's one that I haven't looked at much.

@Matthew: bummer. When are we going to reschedule that?

JediRex said...

Still in Marlybone. Its kinda anoying when your lvl 34 and STILL get defeated by Deadly Scratchers. Noah Battle stalker still looking at lvl 24. WHEN CAN I GET OUT OF MARLYBONE!

A very annoyed Pyromancer.