Tuesday, September 15, 2009

GDC Austin starts today!

Here we go! The GDCA starts today!

Specifically today, I'm going to be looking for news about Kingsisle, of course. I'm also interested in tomorrow's Iron Composer competition. (GO NELSON!!! GOOD LUCK!!)

I was also plucking through some news bits about GDCA, and I found another charity that interests me. Whereas the Child's Play Organization has a major charity push only around Christmas, the Get Well Gamer's Organization seems to be active year round. Apparently they will be holding a raffle at the GDCA and giving away an Eve Online ship model (as reported by newsblaze). Video game charities interest me because I'd like to put advertising on my site for good ones.

Also, on the 17th, J. Todd Coleman is going to be giving a speech/lecture entitled, "Lions and Tigers and Ninja Pigs, Oh My!" As it states here, "In this post-mortem, WIZARD101 creator J. Todd Coleman discussed the challenges of making a kid-focused MMO, and the role of iterative design in discovering a games personality. How do you blend family-friendly characters, a cinematic combat system, and a collectible card game into a cohesive virtual world? Find out as the director discusses what worked (and what didn't) in KingsIsle's quest to introduce persistent world gaming to a new generation of gamers." In other words, it'll probably be a lot of the same information found in the recent copy of Game Developer's magazine that has the Wizard101 PostMortem . . . only with a ton more personality. :-)

Stay tuned!

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JediRex said...

That was yesterday. Any news?