Sunday, September 20, 2009

New video tour from AbleGamers

First, thanks to Diary of a Wizard for linking this up.

Next, this is truly an amazing video to watch from (Disabled Gamers community). You're going to want to watch this because you'll get to see the amazing Tony the Tiger mount.

I want one of those.


Anyway, this video is from AbleGamers's exclusive peek at Wizard101.

The interviewer is Beau from the Spouse Agro blog. Well done, Beau! Thanks so much for doing this!

This was such a cool look at everything the fans want to see.

Here's a quick walk through of the video in case you can't access it from work or school or something.

Besides a clip of the fire dragon spell killing a ninja pig, the video starts out with some pictures from the fan art wall. Brilliant. Then you have James Nance (developer) walking through the design pit with Beau and Fernando (PR) in tow. The next piece of information imparted here is that we will be getting some new monster models in the early part of the game for the sake of variation. Awesome.

James and Beau then begin discussing how the data integration works, and the Tony the Tiger mount is unveiled (I love how the rider of the tiger mount has a ninja pig outfit on as well). They talk about the challenges and successes of making Wizard101 able to play on something as basic as a netbook. Then they talk about how they have built about 30 mounts so far; however, there will only be a dozen or so initially launched. The rest are going to be saved for special promotions and as . . . dun dun dun . . . monster drops.

Then James and Beau move on over to the environment sector of the design pit and try to snag a bite of an artist's granola bar to no success. HOWEVER, we do get a nice detailed look at the new balance world house. That's right, every school of magic is going to get their own house model. Beau actually tries to get them to call up the Death housing and they distracted him away from that attempt and they get pulled over to the concept art for Grizzleheim, and they have a quick discussion of moving from concept to game integration. Then we see the sound office, make a quick spin past the programmers, and there we go.

All in all . . . A+ fantastic video. Five stars from friendly for sure! You're going to see this video popping up everywhere that wizard101 fans frequent. Excellent!

Happy Dueling!


witchwarrior said...

So can't wait!!
btw, the character is wearing a ninja pig outfit XD

Elijah Stormheart said...

Wow. O:

Did you see it jump?! Wow, the mounts are gonna be awesome! If they aren't expensive, and there's a purple dragon model...

L. R. Jonté said...

AIEE!!! Necromancer housing! I can't wait!

Amber StarGem said...

They also showed the myth and storm houses if you didnt notice....

flutefanatic said...


Jason Dragonblood said...

Yeah, the Myth ans Storm houses were on the whiteboard they looked at near the end. They looked cool from what little I could see of them.