Thursday, September 17, 2009

AGDC Wrapup Post

Check it out! It's a picture of J. Todd Coleman at AGDC!

Yup, he's all talkin' and stuff about Krokotopia and there's a couple guys who have kind of dark curly brown hair there. One is starting to lose hair on top . . . OH WAIT! Blizzard T-shirt! Wonder who that guy is? It's so Blizzard to try to sit front and center and stuff. Hmmm, what if that was Professor Greyrose with the ponytail? AND what's the deal with the empty seats? This is FREAKING Wizard101 we're talking about here. I dedicated the last year of my gaming life to this game, and you people at AGDC leave empty seats? Oh man, so wrong.

Ok . . . now that I got that out. Let me just complete the story here that I started a couple days ago with this post.

So Nelson Everhart didn't win the Ironman competition, but he said it was a lot of fun. From what he was telling me, there was kind of a miscommunication about composing a piece of music for the game (which was Raving Rabbids) and doing live sound effects for the game . . . so he kind of had to shuffle, but lucked out by already having the "secret ingredient" sound already loaded in his soundbank! If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you can get some background information by reading this. Who won? A guy named Justin Brown (looks to be the composer for all the sims games). The lucky thing for us is that Nelson plans on writing a blog post about his experience. When that's up, I will definitely forward the link.

Next . . . oh yeah . . . this picture again:

From what I've heard through the rumor mill, and from what I can piece together from a couple of tweets, this was more of a get-to-know-the-sleeper-game-of-2009 jam session given by our Mr. Coleman.

Here's a couple tweets from people that saw the lecture:
RT @twizznerd: #AGDC wizard 101 can be played on most netbooks!
RT @NicoleLazzaro: Wizard 101 showing public Google stats to compare the major MMOs. They have 5M players. #agdc #gdcaustin Awesome.

Once again, from what I understand, the Google analytics they looked at showed Wizard101 was a more searched term than ToonTown or FreeRealms. So, you know, nothing much new came out of that, but hey! Have you seen this cool picture I got of J Todd Coleman speaking at AGDC?

(Thanks Nelson for snapping a picture for me and for the info . . . You rock!)

The big thing for us (us being the common Wizard101 gamer) through this whole thing was that we found out about mounts during the whole process, and we will all probably start to see more news trickle in about mounts as they are written about by all the cool gaming news websites that Kingsisle's PR guru talked to while he was there. (/waves to Fernando) Now if I could only find out who they talked to while they were there so I don't have to take the shotgun approach to gathering information . . .

I digress.

OH! One more thing before I drop the topic of AGDC forever, if you're looking for some more pictures of the event, here's some pictures of the conference from GameDev.

Happy Dueling!

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