Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Friendly Necromancer Blog turns 1 year old!

Hello all! I just wanted to say that it's been a pleasure writing for Wizard101 this past year. And LOOK! Cassandra made me another awesome picture of all my family's characters!

It all started with a passion to tell the world about this great new game called Wizard101, and it all somehow morphed over time into a passion to somehow keep telling the world about this game and much more.

I still remember that initial feeling I had that just overtook me with this game. WRITE! WRITE! WRITE! Since that time we've had a lot to talk about:
- Interviews
- Videos
- Comics
- music remixes
- fan fiction
- News about the release of Dragonspyre
- News about the release of Player Housing
- News about the release of Grizzleheim
- News about the release of MOUNTS!
- The Housing Item of the Day series
- Player Trading Cards and a card game based around those
- Wikipedia work
- Central News
- And on and on and on to the tune of 500+ posts pretty much all about Wizard101 in one form or another.

Hopefully you've also got to know Thomas, Bailey, Amber, Kyle, Isiah, The Evil Twin, and even Digby (my level 5 fire wizard). And don't forget DIAPERMANCER! :-)

I've also tried to answer a lot of questions through the "ask friendly a question" series and make myself available to the community that has been so generous to me. Thanks to my blogroll and friends in Wizard101. To everyone, keep up the good work because you all are inspiring to me.

Here's a great picture that Autumn Duskhunter made for my blog's 1 year birthday way back in August. hehe. I have to include it because it was so full of awesomeness.

Also, I'd be really ungrateful if I didn't publicly thank Professor Greyrose and the KI staff. You all have been great to work with. Keep making our game great. :-)

Happy Dueling!


Olive Tree Guitar Ensemble said...

Hi, it's a very great blog.
I could tell how much efforts you've taken on it.
Keep doing!

witchwarrior said...

Happy anniversary, Friendly Necromancer!!!
Glad ya like the pic!

Destiny said...

Happy birthday friendly necromancer! you've done a great job with this blog!

Jessica said...

This is a awesome blog and I read it everyday. All wizard 101 blogs follow your footprints. This is truly THE wizard 101 blog. I've read all your posts, and I can see how much you've been through since you started playing. You are The Friendly Necromancer and always will be.
Apart from that seriousness, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I'll be wearing my party hat.

Sierra Starsong said...

Thanks for getting me hooked, both on the game and blogging about it. Here's to another great year!

/* raises stein of rootbeer */

Anonymous said...

Woot! Happy Anniversary!! Can't believe it has been a year already. Thank you for all the blog posts!

-Tyler JadeBlade

Sean EmeraldWeaver said...

Congratulations!!! And by the way, friendly, my blog is re opening!!! I guess our schedules are somehow coordinated.... Anyway. Happy birthday!

Elijah Stormheart said...

I have something for you, Friendly. :)

Idle Hands said...

I love your blog... thanks for a great year, and here's to a lot more! Congratulations!

stingite said...

Thank you all for being such a supportive bunch of awesome people!

/* raises stein of rootbeer with Sierra*/

Professor Greyrose said...

Wow grats, though I could have sworn you’ve been here since beta :)

Congratulations, time flies, and you’ve had a busy year.

I can't say it enough, but it's people like you that really helped make Wizard101 what it has become today.

Connie said...

Happy blog day :D