Friday, September 11, 2009

What level do I need to be for Grizzleheim

Here's the question:
username=Blake Stormthief
Question=What level do I
need to be to go to Grizzleheim?

Hi, Blake. Good Question. I'm going to wikia for the answer on this one.

Baldur Goldpaws in Olde Town gives you the prequest to go to Grizzleheim, and this part of the equation you can complete at any level. After that quest, Baldur gives you the trade voyage quest where you can enter an instanced version of Northguard. So, in a way they give you a really cool pre-look at Grizzleheim early on in the game.

However, it ends there until you hit 20th level. At 20th level you go to Merle Ambrose and he gives you the Grizzleheim quest.

. . . at least that's what wikia is telling me.

**UPDATE: I just checked with Bailey, who is level 18, and got this message**

So consider it verified!

Happy Dueling!


JediRex said...

Really? I heard you have to be level 5 to go to Grizzleheim.

stingite said...

Just verified that for you with Bailey!

brenda said...

Grizzleheim is split into subsections, each with its own level requirements. You need to be 20 for Svaarstad Pass, 25 for the next one, 30 for the next one. Not sure if there is a fourth.

JediRex said...

Well then its good i'm lvl 34.

JediRex said...

BTW when are we going to the story?

Sierra Starsong said...

There is a fourth section, Ravenscar doesn't open up until level 40.