Sunday, September 27, 2009

What was that Wizard101 patch update all about?

Question from Luke Darkblood:
I was wondering what that update on 9/23/09 to wizard101 was about? Thanks

So, that patch, it wasn't for much. If KI releases a large update where a lot of things are added to the game, then the update information is listed in this magical place. You can see currently that Grizzleheim was the most recent big patch.

I don't think the patch took care of any of these major bugs because those are so well known that I'm pretty sure they'd want to announce that in flashing red lights.

Now every other little onesy-twosy thing that happens out of cycle, you're probably not going to find out what the patch was all about. A lot of these are done just for database cleanup, server resets, and other minor technical maintenance. Most of their 3am downtimes are "behind the scenes" things that help Wizard101 perform better but that do not directly impact gameplay.

Also, if a patch fixes an exploit, people using the exploit will notice it's gone now. People who don't use an exploit, will probably never know about it.

Happy Dueling!

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Anonymous said...

It was to ban all arena buggers....