Thursday, September 3, 2009

Why are wands only used to do damage?

At one time I was fond of collecting wands. You may remember my 14 wands video. Then, the bazaar happened and collecting wands became much less enticing to me . . . yeah, those wands from Stormfather are pretty cool looking and kind of expensive, but I think it would give me more motivation to farm them if they weren't so accessible. You know? (Not that I want them to take that away from the bazaar . . . DOWN BOY DOWN!)

I haven't looked into it much but can you craft your own wand through crafting? I haven't heard much about that, so I don't think you can . . . but I'm not sure.

We crafted some at our house, check it out!

Not the coolest wands in the world, but it was a fun little crafting project to do with Kyle and Amber one summer afternoon. I've seen much cooler looking wands that have a taper on the end over here at I hadn't seen that website yet when we made these, so I just kind of invented them from a trip to the hardware store with the kids. It involved a dowel, a drill, some unsafe drilling, hot glue, and some fancy drawer knobs.

Those will definitely give you a bump on the head! Not my safest creations to date, but the kids had fun with them.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand, shouldn't wands also be able to cast a healing spell or a blade? Why do we always have to do damage with them? I mean, yeah they are helpful at removing debuffs like weakness, but wouldn't they also be effective against removing debuffs like infection? I think it'd add some more dimension to the game myself.

What do you think?


Jessica said...

Hmmm, that would be nice! A wand with sprite. That would be very useful in the arena. I WANT!

Lost said...

I'm not certain, but doesn't the lvl 5 wand for life, give health? I haven't leveled my life wizard up yet. In fact, he's lvl 3, I believe? Lol. Too busy with my Master Diviner, and Magus Necromancer I guess.

Tesh said...

There are a LOT of things that they really could do to to make the game more variable. More than once, the combat has been compared to MTG, and that game has six colors (OK, five and artifacts) and over TEN THOUSAND cards. We have seven schools and less than 200 cards. Wands most certainly can do more than they do, but so could everything else. ;)

I played in the W101 beta, and only recently started a new character. The new started wands have a spell from six different schools, rather than just a 100% Zap. That struck me as fun design, and I wish they would carry *that* notion through to higher levels as well. Say, a MooShu Life wand/sword that has both healing and damage options, or a Dragonspyre dual-school wand. A blade/debuff wand would be great, too.

Seriously, fifteen minutes of brainstorming would see a LOT of options, and all of them could be a lot of fun. (Dual school spells are one that I keep wishing they would experiment with.)

Thing is, implementation and tracking unintended consequences would likely be a lot of work. I think it's worth it, but I can't fault KI for sticking with relatively streamlined design since that's easier to do on a budget.

Also, making *more* wands would mean more scattered loot drops, and it's already hard enough to get "best in slot" gear like the level 50 robes. Introducing more loot means diluting the lottery even more than it already is.

At least, that's the case if you're using the "standard" RNG loot tables. If you started using more intelligent loot tables (only give people loot they can use instead of stuff for other schools) or let people Trade or Auction the really good stuff (instead of the annoying No Trade and No Auction flags), that could alleviate the lottery significantly and give more room for more diverse loot.

I strongly lean in that direction, since I like the idea of more diverse loot with more interesting strategic choices, but again, that's likely a lot of work.

Jessica said...

No lost, there's a SPELL for life that gives health. Well, only 65. *gasp!*

witchwarrior said...

Nice wands, Friendly!
As for the game wands, i really think they should do minor heals

stingite said...

@Tesh: nice comment! It's nice to get back something more than a paragraph.

As I see Wizard101, you have to balance complexity with simplicity for kids (and my wife). It's give and take.

There's a saying about doing things line upon line. I think you'll see that this game will become more and more complex (as it has in the past), but at a slow line upon line fashion. But, the day they make it so complex that you can't cast a fire cat and kill a ghost on unicorn way, they've failed.

I really don't think they're going to get to that point nor do they want to.

Lost said...

@Jessica, you were the one that's mistaken.

I quote Friendly "Anyway, back to the topic at hand, shouldn't wands also be able to cast a healing spell or a blade? Why do we always have to do damage with them?"

I quote myself "I'm not certain, but doesn't the lvl 5 wand for life, give health?"

Referring to the 'spells' the wand gives, being healing in nature, vs damage.

stingite said...

hmmm, well I have a level 18 life wizard and my daughter's character is a GM life wizard, and granted, I could have missed something, but I don't ever remember getting a wand with healing on it. /shrug

Would be cool if it was out there!

If you ever find out the name of it, Lost, please let me know!

Tesh said...

Oh, aye, there's always a need for a learning curve. I'm just thinking about how to make the game even more interesting at the top end of the curve. To me, added complexity in the card game is WAY more interesting than more endgame raids and loot lotteries. I want more tools, not more things to hit with the tools I already have (and have mastered).

Then again, I'm a Johnny in MTG terms, always looking for ways to make cards interact in interesting ways. I'm also a game designer, always looking for ways to make them more interesting. I'm probably not the "normal" W101 player, and I KNOW I'm not a "normal" MMO player. :)