Monday, September 7, 2009

Why is it harder to level when you're high level?

Another question from Mr. skullblood:
username=mike skullblood
Question=i don't get why it is so easy to level
up at a lower level, then it is in the
higher, i mean, you get more xp in your
quests, and you need like 20 the times of
that to level up! but at the lower
levels you need like 3 times
that, i don't get it, please reply
P.S I am a big fan, GO DEATH!:D

First, thanks for the questions today!

This mechanic of it taking longer to level (or at least, needing more experience points) has been around since the pen and paper days of fantasy games (in other words, dungeons and dragons). Why has it been like this forever? I'm not quite sure. I'm sure somewhere on the net, you'd find an article explaining it all. I wish I had more time to google it more in depth for you. :/

I actually think it could be a lot worse than it is.

You see, in Wizard101, the fine people at Kingsisle made it so that experience was gained mostly through completing quests. If you do all the quests and work your way through the story, you will most definitely be level 50 by the time you finish Dragonspyre. You just follow the path they've carved out for you and you'll reach the end. It's simple really.

So, why could it be a lot worse?

Well, some games you can actually pay money for levels . . . or you could only be awarded experience on long grinds of defeating the same monsters over and over and over (like Everquest).

Since you do gain experience for killing random creatures on the street in Wizard101, I suppose it would be possible to level your character somewhat without ever doing a single quest, but that would just be incredibly painful wouldn't it? How many Kraken kills would that be? yikes.

If you just play through the game like it's supposed to be played, there's no reason to worry about levels at all. Basically, they come when you need them.

Let's look at this on the other side of the coin too: Because of the way experience points are earned at low levels, it is not difficult at all to powerlevel a low-level character simply by having them stand at the entrance of an instance while you complete it for them. That can be kind of fun when you're level 50 and your friend is level 1, so there is some give and take there maybe?

Hope I answered your question in some round about way. If someone else has some insight for Mike, please feel free to leave it.

Happy Dueling!

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