Sunday, November 29, 2009

What would menu chatters like to see added to their menu?

So I was reading an interesting post by The Wizard101 Addict. And I was thinking about my own experience following a text chatter around.

Okay, now here are a few things I think should be added to the Menu Chat tabs. (My mom doesn't trust me with Text Chat. Hmmph.)

- I'm fine.
- I'm not feeling that fine (???)
- No thank you (It sounds kinda rude when somone asks you, "Do you need any help?" and you just say, "No."
- Sorry, I don't have access to that area

What are some of the other text chat options that you would like to see added for those of you that play with menu chat all the time?

Another great suggestion was recently made over on Wizard101 central: Add "May I join your battle?"

I also found this thread here that has a few more suggestions that are worth checking out. The third and fourth post down on that thread has some excellent suggestions.

Can you think of anything else that would be nice to have?


Iridian said...

There's already a "I don't have access to that location" button. As for the "No, thank you", you could click "No" then "Thank you".

stingite said...

Good to know! Thanks, Iridian!

Heather said...

I wish you could say "Sorry I don't have text chat" in battle.
Better navagation too, it's really hard to find things.

Jessica said...

I wish you could have the full menu in battle. Text chatter get to say whatever they want in battle, but we don't! How can I say,"Sorry, I have to go" when it isn't there?

smvb said...

I also agree that more chat ought to be available in battle. Coming from Toontown, where their chat menu is very similar to Wizard101's, I could pretty easily find my way around it. But I have been very put off by how nearly all "non-battle" chat is unavailable during battles. Before free chat was added to Toontown, that was part of the fun, to creatively put together strings of menu chat that made the battle more fun. In Wizard101, I have become dependent upon text chat, so I am not as adept at menu chat as I was in Toontown. I find it very challenging to interact with those that only have menu chat.

I know menu chat is not as emphasized in Wizard 101, but they ought to allow people to buy menu chat phrases, like are available in Toontown. Then those with menu chat can feel like they can customize their chat to a degree. I think it would be very difficult to be restricted to only menu chat as it is now.

Alia Lotuspetal said...

*smacks forehead*

azelda said...

i do have text chat but play with a fair number of people who dont. i think there should be a "do you have any _____?" the blank would be for a treasure card. i also think that the "no thanks" button is hard to reach. yet another comment is that its very hard to say "cool spell" while watching the neat animation. ( that is what makes it a cool spell right?)