Thursday, November 26, 2009

An hour of Jordan Skybane

Last night I was sitting at the computer and picked out this newbie fella from the crowd, Jordan Skybane. He was rockin' that Hero of Unicorn Way badge. Work it!

I don't know. I just felt like picking some random new person and being their friend for an hour. So, I started following him around and asking him strange questions just to make my family laugh.

He hadn't seen any acorns.

So then we started following Jordan around everywhere he went, and it was hilarious. By this time I had Kyle, Amber, and Bailey all watching the screen and cheering on Jordan. He told me to follow him and every ten steps or so, he'd turn around and look at me. LOL. My whole family was laughing and yelling at the screen, JUST GO JORDAN! WE'RE RIGHT BEHIND YOU! GO! But nope, every ten steps he'd turn around and look at me to make sure I was still there. Poor guy was probably taken back by having this awesome level 50 storm grandmaster following him around destroying everything in 2 rounds with a tempest and a blade. He took me to his dorm room. He took me all over the place. I was Jordan's new best buddy. I think I could hear him singing Spongebob's "Best Day Ever" song through the screen. The whole way, 10 steps, turn around, 10 steps, turn around. Seriously, it was so stinkin' cute of Jordan to do that. hehe.

I tried to take him to the Jade Oni, but he wasn't a paying member. My wife was like, Friendly, next time you pick a random stranger to help, can you at least pick one with text chat enabled? NO WAY! NON TEXTERS RULE! I think it helped me try to figure out what to say just with the text buttons, so I learned a little something a long the way.

I ended up helping Jordan kill the Harvest Lord and Lord Nightshade and then . . . I removed him from my friends list. *GASP* Oh Jordan, you come into my life and then I let you free. Just as Sting sings, Set them free. (btw, although my handle is stingite, I am in no way affliated with Sting, and although I appreciate his music, it's not the reason why I am called Stingite)

It was fun following you around Jordan in a night of random kindness and hilarity. I highly recommend it. Good times. Sorry to my friends list, but I was just too captivated by Jordan to help y'all out last night. I think you'll forgive me because JORDAN RULES!

Happy Dueling!


jesse ^_^ said...

ahh poor jordan that he can't talk and he actually has pertty neat wizard city clothes on.

Jessica said...

I was pretty much dying from laughter at seeing that!

I feel so used to people who are higher levels than me, I seriously don't seem to notice them unless they are on my friends list.

Alex Deathshade said...

its the best day ever!!!!!!

when i woke up the sun smiled at me
its the best day ever!!!!!!
i went to work
well that is kind of kewl but lust plain hilarious
but i hate that you bugged him. it is so hard to do that when they cant talk. your lucky he didnt hate you for it

Alex Deathshade said...

i think i can here the people in unicorn way singing the best day ever when you save them from lady blackhope

i have a question
what parts do you hear music in your head? what song and when?
ui hear the song "should i stay or should i go" by the clash when i think about a grandmaster thinking about mving on from wizard101 and doing something else
i hear my generation by the who when people call me a noob
i hear london calling by the clash when you move on to marleybone from krokotopia