Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Where can I get a mooshu sword? (and get oyotomi to spawn)

Ms. Silverheart sends me a query thusly:
Hi friendly it's me silverheart I want a moo shu sword and I know otomi has one but what I don't know is how to bring him up I know you can jump around realms but I tried that this morning and after 17 diffret realm jumps I only got 1 otomi is there some easyer way to bring him up?

So you want a mooshu sword? Nice! I think you've got the right choice of sword there. It's probably the easiest to get out of them all.

The elemental blades are as follows:
Jade Oni’s Amethyst Blade = lightning sword
Plague Oni’s Sapphire Blade = ice sword
Ruby Blade of the Forest (from Oakheart) = fire sword

The balance blade is this:
Kagemoosha’s Citrine Blade = balance sword

And the spirit blades are as follows:
Tomugawa’s Onyx Blade = death sword
Oyotomi’s Jade Blade = life sword
Death Oni’s Peridot Blade = myth sword

All of those are 90 damage with a power pip and put you out in the circle for the attack.

I was fighting Oyotomi this morning and didn't experience the problem you mention, silverheart. /shrug I was grabbing a black lotus, realm jumping, grabbing another black lotus, and fighting oyotomi, and he kept respawning. I guess the best advice I can give is to run outside of the area, count to ten, and run back into the middle of the area even though he hasn't materialized yet. He should just reappear. Maybe try realm jumping from deep in the circle?


Happy Dueling!


John DreamWalker said...

personally i have always found it quicker to get Tomugawa’s Onyx Blade. oyotomi's is easier simply because he is alone but Tomugawa seems to drop his more frequently. with my life wizard, i had to farm for oyotomi's several days before i got the life sword, but got tomugawa's sword with both life and myth wizards with maybe a couple of tries or on the first time just doing the quest. but over all both are rather easy bosses no matter what school you are.

Silverheart said...

tryed changing realms from the circle, don't work

Cheats and Crackers said...

Have you gotten the quest for it yet? You cannot spawn him if you don't have/had the quest.

jesse nightshade said...

personally I got a myth sword very easy from mooshu at my 3 try fro my balance wizard so I was happy the rest of the swords took longer to get. ecept the ice sword I got that one my first try.

stingite said...

C&C might have solved the mystery there!

Sierra Starsong said...

I fought him the first time before I had a quest to do it, though I was close (working on other quests in the village next to him).

Sometimes it won't look like Oyotomi's there, but if you run across the middle of the circle he'll materialize.

Once he's defeated, everyone needs to leave his area before he'll reset; if someone stays in the circle he usually won't respawn until they back off and then go back in.

Anonymous said...

The Umbra Sword (From Beckett Massive Online Gamer) also does the same thing, but it is 90 Death Damage

Cheats and Crackers said...

The Umbra Blade only does 70 Death Damage.

Anonymous said...

i fought oyotomi about 5 times and he never dropped the sword, any advice? hmm, who would YOU recommend, jade oni sword, oyotomi, tomugawa, etc. Because i really want a sword!! Plz respond.

Tyler Moonsword said...

lol i accidently pressed anonymous, my wizard name is Tyler Moonsword (put me as that) mine was the sword question and recommendation stuff. thx! :)

stingite said...

The best place to get a sword is . . . wait for it . . . the bazaar.

But if you're looking to farm, I like John's suggestion above. I think Tomugawa's blade was the first one I got now that I look back.

Farming is a strage thing. It's all about luck, you know? I spent days farming for Thomas's boots. 5 times is not nearly enough. You've got to just keep trying.

THUS, the best place to get a mooshu sword is . . . the bazaar. If it's there, you buy it, and you're done. ;-)

Best of luck!

King of Death said...

Yeah but Mooshu swords are no auction. You can only sell the staffs you get in Mooshu.

stingite said...

whoa, you're right. dang.

Ok, I will give you that, but you can buy the swords from the ravens there! :)