Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy Crafter!

I am totally this guy right now:

"Why," you ask? Because Thomas Lionblood finished up his Moo Shu quests for crafting.

"Why does that make you happy," you ask again? One reason actually. He can now craft this card:

It's kind of a weird thing. Since Amber is the grandmaster crafter on this account, I really don't need another grandmaster crafter.

"So why did you level crafting with Thomas," you query? (Man you guys have a lot of questions today.) Kingsisle has made it so that you can't craft the higher level cards for any class outside of yours.

"You didn't know that already," you ponder? Nope. I was quite shocked when I zoomed Amber up to Mortis and tried to buy the Feint Treasure Card recipe. You have to be a death wizard. And to craft the Feint Treasure Card, you have to finish Mooshu crafting, which I have now with Thomas, so once again . . . I am so this guy:

Happy Dueling!


jesse nightshade said...

congrats friendly.^_^

Sierra Starsong said...

The treasure version's only 20% damage to yourself instead of 30%? Nice!

Countess Shadowbane said...

Very nice! Hey btw, got a new site for you to watch. Check out My good friend Reed NightSword (whom you may remember from the farm with Kraysys) has decided to create a blog, and as awesome as he is in game with his 6 grands, his blog should be fantastic! So check it out sometime. :)

Anonymous said...

Been able to do that since I completed the Crafting Quests date in DS just before the 10-16 cut off where Crafting was devalued and made easy for everyone. Still, I have to say that since that update which made the Crafter's Index on W101Central meaningless and since the Bazaar will be irrelevant for Crafters who were hoping to make a buck before the update that they still kept things somewhat balanced. At least if those of us who participated instead of whined about crafting when it was rolled out it in July will still have the sense of gratitude that we had accomplished something that none of the others will do after the October update. Congrats to all of my fellow (and truly) Master Artesans who made it!

Alyssa said...

Tomas, I'd really appreciate it if you would be able to meet up with my brother, Cody Shadowstrider. He is a really big fan of yours and wasn't able to attend the Harvest Fest. So I hope you can meet up with him on Friday, in the cave to Nightside, at 5 PM Mountain time, Vampire Realm, area 1. I want this to be a surprise to him, so if you can, post a comment on the NAAB. It's not called that, but I think you'll be able to tell which one it is. They're intitials, kinda.
I really hope Cody will be able to meet you, you have no IDEA how much it would be appreciated!

Amber StarGem said...

Hey friendly,

I have a friend who LOVES your blog, has a blog of her own and so far only has one comment. She posts everyday, and her posts are really interesting. Here it is: She would worship you if you added it to the blogsphere.

stingite said...

@jesse: thanks!

@Sierra: nice, eh?

@Countess: thanks for the heads up!

@anon: I'm glad you accomplished something in the game, and it made you feel like you were special or unique. I'm also sorry you feel like KI took away your uniqueness by making crafting less "grindy." To me, it just wasn't a priority . . I have a life to live (you know 3 kids to raise and all) and a blog to keep, so I'm glad they changed it. Best of luck.

@alyssa: Sounds good!

@Amber: added her!

witchwarrior said...

Glad you're happy.
Feint is one of my vocab words.
It means a move to deceive.
Wonder how that applies in the game?

Tesh said...

Mmm... Yummy, yummy Feint.

Too bad Death is my secondary. :(