Saturday, November 7, 2009

Can *you* solo Malistaire?

Had an anonymous question come in from "a random person."
hey Friendly this question came to my mind, its completley RANDOM! Do you know if anybody has soloed malistaire? Have YOU soloed malistaire? I would think it would be really hard!!
Well, I know of one person who did solo Malistaire, and that's Angel Dragongem . . . mainly because I've seen his ultimate battle series on youtube!

Ultimate Battle 1
Ultimate Battle 2
Ultimate Battle 3

He did that back in January. I'm sure there are other people that have done this.

I hadn't ever tried to solo Malistaire until today, so playing off of Angel Dragongem's videos . . . I decided to give it a shot!

Here's the run to Malistaire (these are at triple speed to save time).

Here's the battle with Malistaire (once again at triple speed). I decided to make it a true solo experience and didn't summon a minion. Not too tough of a fight as a death wizard actually.

So, I learned a lot from those runs. I learned to really appreciate death resists against Malistaire, that's for sure. My gear and all the shields really helped a lot, but when I didn't have a shield up . . . LOVE the resists from the grandmaster death gear. In the end, it's all about the prisms. ;-)

So, thanks for the question! I wouldn't recommend soloing Malistaire. You have to have two people to get to him anyway . . . so soloing Malistaire is really just a feather in your cap.

*adds feather*

Happy Dueling!


John DreamWalker said...

Congrats on the feather. lol. but really, great battles and effective use of your schools magic. now watching a life wizard solo it would be interesting, incredible long, but interesting.

jesse nightshade said...

congrats to the god father of ice himself angel dragongem lol Jk he one heck of dualist maybe the best in wizard 101 I seen alot of his videos on youtube. anyway nice job friendly on fighting on fighting malistair.

jesse nightshade said...

even I tried with my balance wizard and it was hard.

Alia Lotuspetal said...

WOW. Angel Dragongem was the only one I knew that soloed Malistaire, UNTIL NOW! Triple speed really did help.... That battle probably took 30 or 40 minutes in real life!

Anonymous said...

hi its the annoymous person who asked the question! GOOD JOB!

stingite said...

@John: thanks! I should let Amber give it a go.

@jesse: Indeed, Angel Dragongem rocks! and thanks! Did you win with your balance?

@Alia: the actual battle with Malistaire took 22 minutes . . . I think I can do it faster!

@anon: thanks for the challenge!

Sierra Starsong said...

How did you manage to kill both ice dragons fast enough to get the doors open? I've tried once or twice and the first one always respawns before I can kill #2.

stingite said...

@Sierra: you have to have a really short deck and . . . well . . . be lucky and choose fast. For me it was 1 blade, 2 traps, wraith. You have to kill him within 4 or 5 rounds. SPEED!

SorionHex said...

You can duet the entire instance though, as I discovered you can simply leave a marker at one of the gems and then position both you and your friend at one each... Then simply teleport to the other gem fast as you can and voila! on with the rest of the instance! I hope I was the first to figure that out since I figured that out the first day of markers but... Probably not =P

sgwiz said...

Hey friendly would you like to post on some time

jesse nightshade said...

actually friendly I lost my battle my last spell was a judgment and then after he used scarecrow on me with my trap I had on myself due to feint ugh feint backfire me in the end.

Savannah said...

Mecatz say Hi :D
great work dear very nicely done

Stingite said...

Did you see the ultimate battle? Sacrifise minion for 42 pips!