Saturday, November 7, 2009

Where can I get all the Wallpapers?

I got a question from Blaze here:
Hey Friendly! Blaze AGAIN. Ok I have been going through the web and I am trying to find ALL the Wiz 101 Wallpapers! I have found Wizard City and Krokotopia, I know that there is a Mooshu and Grizzleheim one but I CAN'T FIND THEM. If you know any site that it's on please tell me.
Hey! This is a great time to show Taji's new wiki website he's been working on. All four of the wallpapers are on the front page there with links to the original sources.

Now if we could just get the Marleybone and Dragonspyre wallpapers from KI, that would be awesome!

Happy Dueling!

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Taji34 said...

Dude thanks! i hope that some more people help. i'm gonna work on it later today. again Thanks!