Thursday, November 19, 2009

Where in the heck is Zhi Lan?

Got a great question here from our good friend, Blaze:
Hey Friendly, Blaze here. First off thanks for the card and Second. I finally got to the Mooshu Crafting Quest, and I have to find some Guy named Zha Lin to buy a ring, I can't find him D: Hopefully you know where he is! Ok Cya!

First off, you're welcome!

Second off . . . well . . . I had no idea who Blaze was talking about. Zha Lin who?

So I sent Blaze an e-mail back and said, "Zha Lin who?" . . . in more words than that, and Blaze sent me the quest text he was talking about.

OK, now we're getting somewhere. NOW, I know what you're talking about Blaze. LOL.

haha, check out this cry for help even. I LOVE IT!

OK, so Zhi Lan (not Zha Lin) happens to be the furniture salesman in Moo Shu. She's just right there in the main area of the Jade Palace.

What the quest is basically letting you know is that to craft those rings, you're going to need to buy a new equipment crafting station since you can't use your basic crafting station to make these rings.

It's not too expensive. Still, 1500 gold is 1500 gold, eh? Not to worry though, you should make it back over time from finishing the quest and selling your crafted wares.

Hope that helps clear up the confusion!

Happy Crafting and Happy Dueling!


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JediRex said...

How do you get Kyle's pet?

The Overachieving Necromancer said...

addition to Jedirex's question, if kyle is storm, why does he have a Orthious pet? HOW?

Ashley silversong said...

Friendly, i am a huge fan of your blog. Can we meet up and become friedns in the game? I asked you cause i need help with krok. (i'm level 32 and YES i have text chat.)

Here's what i was thinking:
Mooshu- Jade Palace
Unicorn real Area 1
DATE:Dec. 1st, 09, 4:oo pm central time