Tuesday, November 10, 2009

2 of 2 flamesoul cloaks!

Wow, ok so 12 Nature's Wrath treasure cards, 28 rubies, 6 crystal vials, 24 ectoplasm, 30 frost flower, 16 black pearls, 40 stone blocks, and a partridge in a pear tree later . . . TADA!

Amber was excited about those. I told her they'd sell for some good money, so we ran to the bazaar, and yup . . . nice!

But of course, we couldn't sell them just yet! No no no, we needed to go talk to our buddy, Balthazar. He was all kinds of impressed.

And now that that's over with, looky here . . . it's yet another quest!

Well, what this means is that although this is hot:

This is totally the new pink:

It also means I'll be talking more crafting in about 6 fire elf cards, 6 shadow oils, 2 glass vials, 72 cattails, 24 nightshades, 20 blood mosses, 12 black pearls, and a partridge in a pear tree later.

whew. KI sure knows how to work a crafter to the bone.

Happy Dueling!


JediRex said...

where do you get the vials?

stingite said...

you get the vials from the vendors that stand next to the quest givers. yay!

Silverheart said...

oh wow I HATE crafting : ( if I didn't want some of that stuff so bad I wouldn't bother!!! I'm stuck trying to get all my scrap iron for my 2 rings (nope not even on the dagars yet)

jesse nightshade said...

does anybody know if you could craft cards that come from pets? like for example my blue ice colossus card that comes from my pet anybody know I never tried it mainly because I really don't like crafting. and so many items you need to get.

stingite said...

Yup, you can craft that. It takes 1 blizzard card, 1 ghost fire, 1 sapphire, 1 black coal, 8 black lotus, 2 ancient scrolls, and 12 deep mushroom . . . easy. ;-)

Taji34 said...

I was wondering friendly if you had any scrap iron? i've tried and tried to look for it but can never find it. maybe we could meet up later and become friends and exchange the scrap iron (if you have any)
any way see ya!