Thursday, November 19, 2009

Player Trading Card of the Day--Tara Mythcrafter

Finally! It's the Tara Mythcrafter card!

So, Tara is awesome. If you're into MMOs at all, in the least, Tara's blog West Karana is where you will hear all about the latest and greatest MMOs. She's been keeping that blog since 2005, and I'm pretty sure her writing career spans well before that. I've seen references to zork. (If she is anything like me, most of her game blogging/writing back in the day was either e-mailed between friends or ended up on now defunct guild message boards.) She also has put in an astounding 178 posts just about Wizard101 and is listed off of their fansite. She's truly an asset to the community.

Tara and I actually crossed paths many times in other games, mostly not knowing that we were crossing paths. We were on the same server on Everquest, and we were both playing Lord of the Rings when that first came out, once again, on the same server. I remember laughing my head off at this comic she did in particular back in the day when I surfed her guild's forums. Something about dragons IM'ing each other just cracked me up. It wasn't until Wizard101 that our paths actually coincided, and we finally got to group together. She's awesome and I do love her sprite minion so much!

More recently she had joined a group of friends and myself to hack through an older RPG known as Neverwinter Nights 2. Yeah, that didn't turn out so good when the game just up and forgot one of our characters. The Sunday night gaming group will rise again though. Mark my words!

I'm a reader of her blog, and I'm so glad our paths crossed here in Wizard101. I can't believe it took 30 cards to get to you. Thanks for all you do, Tara (or Tipa if you're feeling funky).

Happy Dueling!


Sierra Starsong said...

Love the Sprite quote! *giggle*

I finally had to stop using Olivia's sprite, she was Imp-happy and kept blowing all my traps & prisms. Grr!

Tipa said...

My sprite is in LOVE with Thomas! But even if it's just her and me, she'll obsessively keep herself healed :(

Thanks for the card!!!!! I'll treasure it forever!