Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fog ("F"un "O"nline "G"ames) Unicorn Pet WOW!

This just came across the community wire! Woot Fog Unicorn pet!


Wizard101 & Beckett Fun Online Games have teamed up to bring players an exclusive in-game item - the Fog Unicorn pet.
(get it? Fun Online Games!)

To learn more about how you can get this exclusive, limited edition pet, visit our Fun Online Games page.

Also, look who's on the cover! We're proud to be a featured game in Beckett's Fun Online Games Magazine and there are even more surprises inside the magazine, including a Wizard101 fold out poster! Click here to learn more!


Oh man, I'm going to want one of those FOR SURE! UNICORNS FOREVER!

*insert rainbow*

Happy Dueling!


Alia Lotuspetal said...


DeathRaven490 said...

Thats interesting, I like the way you did FOG. um, me and my sister Destiny Seagem. teamed up to make a blog. if you want to, heres the link,

could we try to meet sometime?

im cody shadowstrider. please respond.

stingite said...

Got ya added! Welcome to the bloggers club!

Jessica said...

COOLIO! I love foggy unicornias! I especially love PURPLE unicornias! (I know, I call unicorns UNICORNIAS!)

witchwarrior said...