Sunday, November 29, 2009

I had a dream . . .

I have to write about this because it was so incredibly geeky and awesome at the same time. So, I had my first dream ever about working at Kingsisle.

*cue dream sequence*

In my dream my computer at Kingsisle was right next to Kiersten's (Professor Greyrose) computer (which was south facing for some odd reason), and I was working on some kind of new layout design for some kind of player handbook or something like that . . . whatever it was that I was working on, there were lots of parchment backgrounds and Wizard101 fonts and NPCs in round ring circles--you know, typical Wizard101 looking stuff. In my dream Professor Greyrose had blonde hair and this kind of cute pointy nose, almost like the cartoon version of Elizabeth Montgomery from the Bewitched title sequence. (Never seen Kiersten's picture, but I doubt she looks like the cartoon version of Elizabeth Montgomery.) She was laughing with me about something that happened to her earlier in the day.

I was new on the job, and so I was still meeting people.

I turned around and this crazy . . . nay . . . WACKY artist guy was there. He had a tight, curly beard, and he said his name was Consueco. (The closest I can come here would be Joaquin Pheonix in his new artist look.) Consueco asked me what I did for the company and wanted to know if I knew "the shop." I figured out finally that "the shop" was photoshop. He, of course, had a really bad Italian accent. He was pretty excited I knew "the shop," and he was saying how he could really use my help with "the shop."

. . . and then I woke up.

GAH. I tried to go back to sleep because I was so excited I had my first "I work at Kingsisle" dream ever, and I didn't want it to be over . . . but I couldn't get back into it. Hate that.

Maybe one of these nights Consueco will visit me again in my dreams, and we can talk shop about the shop some more.

Happy Dueling!


Jessica said...

I love dreaming about wizard101 related stuff... But I think we play it way too much. Maybe we could cut back a hour each day... (But wait, I could never do that!I have an urge to play right now!)

Cheats and Crackers said...

Haha, really wacky dream! Seriously cool at the same time though :P.