Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanks for the credit, Esmee!

Got a nice e-mail here from Esmee Nighteyes,
Hey, Friendly! This isn't a question so much as it is an enormous thank-you email! I was reading your blog last night and I stumbled upon the topic of people soloing Malistaire and how you did it as well. Because you said it was relatively easy for a Death wizard, I decided to try it for myself. Unfortunately, I was about halfway there when I realized I should've recorded such an epic event for me (insert picture of me smashing my head into the wall here). I will record it this coming weekend, but in the meantime, I made a "slideshow" and posted it on YouTube as a precursor of what is to come. Thanks a million for the confidence boost! :D

Here's the link to her youtube: click! And here's the link to me soloing malistaire like she mentions: click!

You're welcome! I'm glad I can help and inspire people to do amazing things in game with their character. AND . . . I'm grateful to all the people that ask questions here on this blog. Without that anonymous person's question, I wouldn't have made the video. So thanks for the gratitude all around, eh? :-) 'Tis the season for gratitude . . . it's one of my favorite things. It's appreciated!

Happy Dueling!


Alyssa said...
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Floppyj10 said...

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Thanks! :)

David T. said...

I gotta question do you mean soloing malistaire by brnging friends AND THEN fighting him solo or by doing ot on your own cause thats impossible on your own from the beginning

stingite said...

yeah, you need at least one other toon to unlock the door. This would be soloing malistaire once the door is unlocked.