Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A whole lot of Krokotopia

As of this morning, I now have three sets of players playing in Krokotopia.

First up we have the forgotten duo of wonder, The Evil Twin and Isiah Taleslinger. (both my characters)

Next is the new duo of wonder, Molly Earthsong and Bailey Skystaff. (My character and my wife's character)

And finally are the newcomers on the scene, Myrna Lionblood and Iridian Legend. (My daughter's character and my wife's character)

hmmm, who will be the first to venture forth out of Krokotopia?

Happy Dueling!


Jessica said...

What hat is Bailey wearing? Tell me, tell me, quick!

John DreamWalker said...

looks like the evil twin and Isiah Taleslinger have the upper hand because Isiah looks to be a lvl 48+ myth wizard if i am not mistaken by that two headed dog that i am so fond with my grandmaster myth char. happy krok hunting none the less.

stingite said...

@Jessica: cowl of the summertime.

@John: Oh yeah. I could see how that would be confusing. That is actually a promotional pet that was gifted to me Before the level 48 pets were instituted by KI. He's only level 23.

Jessica said...

Ha! Same hat! High-five, gal! :)